Financial support initiatives

StartScienceFinancial support initiatives

The following Financial Support Programs have been established at the Medical University of Gdańsk:

1. Program of financial support for the development of Experienced Researchers

2. Program of financial support in the implementation of publication services

3. Program of financial support in the implementation of statistical services

4. Financial support for young scientists carrying out research activities in the Student Scientific Circles of the MUG

5. Financial support program for the scientific development of Young Researchers

6. Grant Program Young Creator of Science.

The established Financial Support Programs are aimed at:

  • support active scientists and research teams in the field of research: scientific, interdisciplinary, and development works;
  • contribute to initiating cooperation between the scientific community and the business environment;
  • support the implementation of scientific research aimed at the practical application of the obtained results based on specific solutions: scientific, market, and social.