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Prof. Michał Markuszewski, <br> Vice-Rector for Science
Prof. Michał Markuszewski,
Vice-Rector for Science

The scientific potential of the Medical University of Gdańsk is constituted by over a thousand academic employees and over 300 doctoral students – who are involved both individually and as team members in the implementation of national and international research projects, and are actively publishing in the national and international scientific circuit. Among them there are many winners of prestigious awards, members of scientific societies and advisory bodies. This potential was confirmed by the inclusion of the University in the prestigious group of ten Polish universities awarded in the Excellence Initiative – Research University competition initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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  • Alicja Bednarek, MSc., Phone: +48 58 349 11 59
  • Agnieszka Galon, MScEng., Phone: +48 58 349 90 26
  • Izabela Zdrojewska, Ph.D. pharm.sci., Phone: +48 58 349 11 58