Students Association of Laboratory Scientists

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Students Association of Laboratory Scientists MUG (previously Medical Analyst Forum) is an organization which focuses on unifying Laboratory Medicine students and other interested in widely understood laboratory diagnostics.

Members of SALS MUG encourage other students to develop their medical interests by joining academic scientific groups and help with organizing The Master’s Thesis Contest at the Medical Analytics program. We also stay in contact with other student organizations from all around the country by attending debates about curriculum of Medical Analytics and the role of Laboratory Scientists in Poland. One of our goals is to be a part of educational events for the citizens of Tricity, organized by MUG, but also initiated by ourselves and The University Student Government.

Board for the academic year 2017/18:

  • Chairwoman: Katarzyna Kalata, V Medical Analytics
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Ewelina Gojtowska, IV Medical Analytics
  • Secretary: Klaudia Bób, III Medical Analytics
  • Treasurer: Kinga Czekajska, III Medical Analytics
  • Member of Board: Paulina Litwiejko, V Medical Analytics