Youth Meetings with Medicine

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The Youth Meetings with Medicine is a new project by the employees of the MUG Department of Preventative Medicine & Didactics and the Regional Medical Chamber in Gdańsk. Its aim is to share with the young potential doctors some real medicine without mass-media stereotypes. The format of the lectures is in itsef original: it is a duet of an experienced medical practitioner (a member of the MUG Faculty or a representative of the Medical Chamber) and a passionate student.

The Meetings are addressed first and foremost to high students, however it is possible for younger students to participate as well. The event takes place on the last Tuesday of every month at 13:00 at the Atheneum Gedanense Novum.

The participation is free of charge. Detailed information is available at the Regional Medical Chamber in Gdańsk (, tel. 58 524 32 00) or from prof. Tomasz Zdrojewski (, tel. 58 349 25 38).