MUG Health Picnic

The MUG Health Picnic (Piknik na Zdrowie) is a public health event. Its aim is to teach useful medical knowledge to potential patients. The Picnic is also an opportunity to share with the society information about the Medical University of Gdańsk, its clinics and departments as well as the experience and achievements of its hospitals.

The Picnic is an showcase of various MUG departments and clinics as well as the products of healthfood and cosmetic companies. Doctors and students perform prophylactic tests (eg. blood glucose and cholesterol, dental exams, breast exams) and encourage visitors to switch to more active lifestyles and healthier diets. Along with such conversations about health and diseases, presentations by specialists and examinations, the visitors can enjoy a showcase of paramedics’ skills, contests and performances by musicians, dancers and aerobics teams.

The Picnic takes place in its traditional location, the park adjacent to the MUG Hospital, at the intersection of Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie Street and Aleja Zwycięstwa. Admission is free.