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Foreign accreditations & recognition in the world

The Medical University of Gdańsk is recognizable all over the world, for years enjoying high renown among national and international institutions dealing with assessing schools of higher education. The most recent and valid comprehensive assessment conducted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the quality of the research works or research and development activities pursued by scientific entities three MUG Faculties, i.e. the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Pharmacy were awarded grade A, and the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG was awarded grade A+.

Here is the link to the Ministry’s website page devoted to entity assessment and its valid results:

Worth noting is the fact that MUG has been positively assessed in the ranking of the Educational Foundation ‘Perspektywy’. The list is compiled based on 29 indices grouped around seven criteria: prestige, graduates in the labor market, research potential, research effectiveness, teaching potential, innovation, and internalisation. The multitude of aspects makes the list one of the most extensive educational rankings worldwide. It is also one of four rankings distinguished with the international quality certificate. The methodology is developed by the Chapter chaired by Prof. Michał Kleiber, former president of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Ranking positions us as follows:

  • we are the 1st medical school in Poland,
  • we are the 6th Polish university in the general category,
  • we are the most international university in the Pomeranian region (15% students from abroad).

Medical University of Gdańsk has been named as one of the world’s top universities, according to the latest edition of the world’s most-consulted university ranking and one of the four biggest international academic rankings – QS World University Rankings. MUG has been ranked 551-600 in the Medicine category in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 as 2nd among domestic scientific institutions. Harvard University was ranked 1st in terms of world institutions in this category. The University earned its highest scores for the Citations per Paper and H-Index indicators.

Both the national and other countries’ views contribute to the selection of our University future students. The positive image MUG enjoys abroad pertains to the continuously growing share of foreigners among the students who choose MUG as their Alma Mater (we had 15% foreign students).

The positive results of the evaluations conducted by foreign institutions licensed to examine the quality of studies offered abroad are reflected e.g. in foreign accreditations granted to the Medical University of Gdańsk.

In their attempt to make the University recognized even more commonly in the international circles, the MUG’s authorities take effort to obtain all possible recommendations granted by foreign institutions. To that aim, they have created the position of the Officer for Foreign Accreditations in the MUG organizational structure; the officer is in charge of e.g. filing applications for foreign accreditations confirming high academic level of the teaching offered by the Medical University of Gdańsk.

At the moment, MUG:

1. holds the following international accreditations:

Name of the institution and level of accreditation Logotype WWW page containing reference to MUG
Medical Board of California (MBC)

Is the state agency which licenses and disciplines physicians. The Board decides about e.g. obtaining the medical license based on information on the candidate’s full medical education and on graduation from a medical school recognized or accredited by MBC.

Accreditation for medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine.

Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The document is a recommendation for the MUG by the Iranian authorities and is a response to the growing number of inquiries from Iranian citizens about the possibility of studying in Poland.
National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA)

Operates in the organizational structure of the Department of Education and deals with e.g.: periodical reviews and approvals of American accreditations given to foreign medical universities, including accreditations of the medical studies offered by Polish medical universities.

Accreditation for the Faculty of Medicine, MUG (and other medical schools in Poland) valid until 2029.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

Accreditation was granted an indefinite to every faculty of the Medical University of Gdańsk. Accreditations to universities outside Jordan ,which provide education in within the frames of a traditional system, are granted by The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.

2. is recognized by e.g. the foreign institutions presented below:

Description of the institution/initiative and the type of recommendation Logotype WWW page containing reference to MUG
World Federation for Medical Education and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (WFME) is a non-governmental organization having its offices in London, France, and Denmark. WFME has initiated official relations with the World Health Organization(WHO) representing medical education, and physicians’ education and training all over the world.

WFME keeps a free of charge catalogue of medical study curricula all over the world. The publication contains information on more than 2900 schools of higher education. The catalogue combines the information previously presented in: the WHO World Catalogue, the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), and the Avicenna Catalogues. Over 400 medical schools were entered in the catalogue since the time it was first set up in 2014.

The World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) priorities are:
  • promoting accreditation through the WFME Recognition Programme,
  • elevating standards for medical education by publishing expert consensus on standards,
  • maintaining the World Directory of Medical Schools.

    ECFMG/WFME accreditation status:
    The Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA) – the accreditation body for medical programs in Poland – has submitted its preliminary application for recognition by the WFME. Poland has now gained the status of applicant in the recognition program leading to streamlining the process of applying for medical licensing in the US and some other countries for medical students and graduates of Poland-based medicine programs. Therefore, PKA is currently considered as “accrediting agency applying in the WFME Recognition programme.
    Until the end of the year 2024, MUG is meeting ECFMG eligibility requirements on individual level, as confirmed by our listing in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Updates on further recognition status can be found on WFME website.
Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), the world’s oldest university ranking, also known as the Shanghai Ranking.

ARWU is an annual publication of university rankings by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. The league table was originally compiled and issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2003 and currently is regarded as one of the three most influential and widely observed university measures, alongside QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

MUG appeared in the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021 (place 301-400) in the category Clinical Medicine.

Other Polish universities mentioned in the ranking are the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (place 201-300) and the Medical University of Lodz (place 301-400).
The Leiden Ranking enables to select sophisticated bibliometric indicators, to generate results based on these indicators and to explore the results from three different perspectives. Best known is the traditional list view, in which you can rank universities according to a selected indicator. The Leiden Ranking offers two additional perspectives: the chart view and the map view. The chart view shows universities in a scatter plot, so that you can explore the performance of universities using two selected indicators. The map view shows universities in a world map and provides a geographical perspective on universities and their performance.

The Medical University of Gdańsk was recorded in CWTS Leiden Ranking 2021. The 2021 ranking edition was prepared on the basis of bibliometric indicators from years 2016-2019 and covers 1225 universities from all over the globe. MUG have very high quality of publications and belongs to the absolute top national leaders universities.
Best Global Universities – the U.S. News rankings, based on schools’ academic research and reputation, allow students to compare universities around the world.

Institutions from the U.S. and more than 60 other countries have been ranked based on 13 indicators that measure their academic research performance and their global and regional reputations. Students can use these rankings to explore the higher education options that exist beyond their own countries’ borders and to compare key aspects of schools’ research missions. These are the world’s top 1750 universities.

MUG is ranked at 1st place in Poland at prestigious US News rankings for Oncology and 3rd for Clinical Medicine categories. MUG is also ranked at the top global universities in Poland (9th place).
QS World University Rankings – one of the four biggest international academic rankings, the world’s most-consulted university ranking.

MUG has been ranked 551-600 in the Medicine category in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 as 2nd among domestic scientific institutions. The University earned its highest scores for the Citations per Paper and H-Index indicators.
The MUG was included for the first time (in position 800-1001 and as the only Polish medical university) in Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2022 – the only ranking evaluating universities in terms of the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), obtaining the highest marks in such SDGs as: Good Health and Well-Being (SDG3), where has been classified on 92nd position amongst over 1000 universities which implement the Goal. It had good result also in the SDG10 (Reduced Inequalities) i SDG5 (Gender Equality).

Contact (international accreditations):

Izabela Kowalczyk-Dec
Officer for International Accreditations
phone no. +4858 349 1355, Dębinki 7, building number 13, ground floor, room 1.07

Contact (rankings):

Adam Tuszyński
Promotion Unit
phone no. +4858 349 1163, Dębinki 7, building number 13