The MUG Campus also has four dormitories and student club "Medyk"
The MUG Campus also has four dormitories and student club "Medyk"

The MUG student campus is situated on Dębowa Street, within walking distance of the main building – Collegium Biomedicum and the Main Library and other University buildings. Such a location helps students to arrive punctually at their classes. At the same time, the campus is located outside the busy and noisy city centre of Gdańsk.

The campus consists of four dormitories for 1000 students. Here are located the offices of the MUG Student Government and other student organizations as well as a large room available for meetings and training. All the dormitories are connected to the Internet. After their hard work, students may relax in the club “Medyk”, which is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

“Medyk” is also a traditional place for annual initiation ceremonies, as well as for the events of “Medykalia” – Days of Culture and Science for MUG Students, in May, when the whole campus is completely packed. Medykalia, celebrated annually by the Medical University, consists of numerous concerts and fun sports events, like Hospital bed races and White coat parties, which attract not only medical students to Dębowa Street.

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