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During the classes

The teaching staff of the Medical University of Gdańsk consists mainly of its alumni. The average number of students with respect to one academic teacher is below 5. Research workers and clinical officers, experts in clinical and preclinical fields valued both in Polish and international medical circles are among the staff. As members of international societies, science boards and expert periodicals, they actively participate in the development of knowledge; and their competences are utilized in their teaching programmes and in science activity groups under their supervision.

Most classes are conducted by academic teachers in the positions of assistants or tutors, thus by people still young and dynamic, yet with significant clinical and scientific competences.

Student groups are small. A clinical research teacher works with only 4-5 students. Such conditions are conducive to acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge.

The teaching quality is monitored by questionnaire. Each student has the opportunity to evaluate the academic teacher they have in lectures and classes.