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Data actualized: December 17th 2020

UNIVERSITY number of programmes 17+4 intercollegiate
number of accredited programmes 17+4 intercollegiate

STUDENTS total number of students 6196
number of students by faculty Faculty of Medicine – 3082
Faculty of Pharmacy – 876
Faculty of Health Sciences – 1542
Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG – 317
number of English Division students 917
number of full-time students 5634
number of part-time students 562
number of first-degree students 1042
number of second-degree students 678
number of uniform master’s students 4171
number of postgraduate students 130
number of PhD programme students 332
number of dormitories 4
number of vacancies at dormitories 1135

TEACHING AND RESEARCH STAFF number of scientific staff 1099
number of full professors 102
number of doctor habilis 196
number of PhDs 547
number of visiting professors 3

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION number of Erasmus+ agreements 58
number of outgoing Erasmus+ students in 2018/2019 85
number of incoming Erasmus+ students in 2018/2019 71
number of partnership agreements with foreign universities 29
number of students incoming to other forms agreements 21

LIBRARY scientific books (including e-books) above 233 thousand
e-book collections about 210 thousand
print journal volumes above 103 thousand
e-journals about 24 thousand

STUDENT LIFE student scientific clubs 115
student organizations and interests clubs 8
student culture centres 2
members of the Academic Sport Association of Poland 178

INVESTMENTS Centre of Invasive Medicine 479 million PLN
Non-Invasive Medicine Centre 600 million PLN
Sports Centre 23,6 million PLN
Centre for Laboratory Medicine 17,2 million PLN
Construction of and equipping the PET-CT laboratory 11,4 million PLN
Construction of Dentist Centre MUG start at 2019