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Commencement of construction of the new headquarters of the University Dental Centre


At the turn of September and October 2023 the Medical University of Gdańsk will begin basic construction works related to an investment estimated at over 90 millions PLN – the construction of the new headquarters of the University Dental Centre. The new facility on the MUG campus map will be located between M. Skłodowska-Curie Street and Tuwim Street. The contract with the contractor – Budimex was signed on 4th of September 2023. The winning offer was selected as a result of the announcement announced in May this year. tender procedure, to which a total of 11 companies qualified.

The construction of the University Dental Centre, including land development and the necessary infrastructure, will be completed within 21 months. The value of the entire project is 90,210,777 PLN, of which 47,310,777 PLN will be co-financed from the state budget under the contract concluded with the Ministry of Health. The remaining value of the project will be financed from the University’s own funds.


Southern elevation – design

The modern building will consist of a total of four floors, offering almost 8,000 sq m of usable space. The underground floor will house technical rooms, social facilities, a garage and a central sterilization room. The above-ground part will perform scientific, research, teaching and clinical functions.

The facility will house the dental units of the Medical University of Gdańsk along with an administrative and teaching base for MUG’s students and doctoral students, and in the clinical part, UDC will offer patients treatment in the Clinic of Pediatric and Family Dentistry, Clinic of Orthodontics, Clinic of Oral Surgery, Clinic of of Conservative Dentistry, and Clinic of Dental Prosthetics and Implantology, as well as the Clinic of Periodontal and Oral Mucosa Diseases.


The investment, in addition to the construction of the facility, will finance the equipping of the University Dental Centre with new, top-class dental units and phantom stations. The most important ones include the purchase of: 91 dental units, 2 X-ray machines, a dental CT scanner, an operating table with anesthetic and surgical columns and an operating lamp. In addition, the MUG’s University Dental Centre will gain 23 new phantoms for students to practice and, together with the 12 units it currently has, it will have 35 phantom stations in 3 practice rooms.

The decision to finance the construction of a new scientific, research and teaching base at UDC of the MUG was announced on 21st of March 2023 during a press conference with the participation of the Rector Prof. Marcin Gruchała, president of UDC Mirosława Pellowska-Piontek, Ph.D. and Deputy Minister of Health Marcin Martyniak. Detailed information about the investment can be found in the article.

photo by Paweł Sudara/MUG