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The MUG received funds for the construction of a new seat of the University Dental Centre


More than PLN 90 million will cost the new seat of the dental units of the Medical University of Gdańsk. As part of the investment will be purchased: 91 dental units, 2 x-ray and dental CT machines, an operating table with anesthetic and surgical columns and an operating lamp. In addition, the MUG’s University Dental Centre (UCS) will gain 23 new phantoms for students to exercise and, together with the currently owned 12 units, it will have 35 phantom stations in 3 exercise rooms.

Construction of a new research and teaching base located between M. Skłodowskiej-Curie street and Tuwima street is possible thanks to the funds provided by the Ministry of Health. The decision was announced on 21st of March 2023 during a press conference with the participation of the MUG’s Rector Prof. Marcin Gruchała, President of UCS Mirosława Pellowska-Piontek, Ph.D. and Deputy Minister of Health Marcin Martyniak. Also present were: the Pomeranian Voivode Dariusz Drelich, the Director of the Pomeranian NHF Monika Kasprzyk, the Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs of the MUG Prof. Edyta Szurowska, Acting Chancellor Prof. Jacek Bigda, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine prof. Radosław Owczuk and Deputy Dean Prof. Aida Kusiak and Vice-Chancellor – Technical Director Nina Gostańska, M.Eng.


Modern vocational education at the highest level must be based on the latest technologies, as well as scientific, research and didactic infrastructure. The improvement of the current housing conditions of the MUG’s dental units is necessary and indispensable for their further development and full use of the potential of employees, doctoral students and students.

We have been waiting a long time for the investment in the new Dental Centre of the Medical University of Gdańsk. An investment that is extremely needed, not only from the point of view of the University’s didactic needs, but also from the point of view of patients ‒ said Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk. ‒ We want to educate students in good conditions, with the use of the most modern equipment, so that our graduates, leaving the walls of the MUG, are prepared to perform the most advanced procedures of the University. But the UCS is also a place that serves the patients of Pomerania, where the largest number of services are provided under the National Health Fund.

As emphasized by the President of the Management Board of UCS, Mirosława Pellowska-Piontek, Ph.D., the University Dental Centre is the largest provider of dental services not only in Gdańsk, but in the entire Pomeranian Voivodeship. The unit offers assistance in the field of orthodontic care for children with craniofacial developmental defects, it is also the only center in Pomerania that provides services to patients with craniofacial tumors.

Last year we saw 52,000 patients and had 84,000 visits, of which 20,000 concerned children, being very special patients, whom we care deeply about and who have great needs ‒ explained Mirosława Pellowska-Piontek, Ph.D., President of UCS of the MUG. ‒ Almost 30,000 visits concerned seniors over 65 years of age. These are the social groups that find it most difficult to benefit from private dentistry.


The implementation of the investment will allow for the centralization of the MUG’s scientific and didactic base and the clinic of the University Dental Centre. It is assumed that in the years 2023-2025 a modern building with one underground and three above-ground floors, with an internal patio, with a total usable area of 3,707 m2 and a volume of over 22,645 m3 will be built. The facility will be equipped with four elevators and a platform for people with disabilities.

From the perspective of the patient, whom the Ministry of Health cares about as part of the implemented strategy, this new complex will actually consolidate 3 buildings that are currently scattered around the map of Gdańsk. This will give not only a pro-quality perspective, but above all a synergistic one for the patient, staff and the quality of services provided, but above all for education ‒ argued Deputy Minister of Health Marcin Martyniak.

The planned value of the investment is PLN 90,210,777, of which PLN 47,310,777 comes from the Ministry of Health, and PLN 42,900,000 comes from the University’s own funds. Equipping the unit with top-class medical and exercise equipment, including phantom units, will cost PLN 11,000,000. In the facility is intended creation of a high-security treatment room for procedures under general anesthesia with a three-station recovery room. In addition, the facility will be equipped with modern IT and audio-video equipment. It is also planned to create an 80-person lecture hall.

As Dariusz Drelich, the Pomeranian Voivode, reminded, the MUG’s University Dental Centre was the main facility where patients infected with the COVID-19 virus could receive dental care during the pandemic.

It is important that the Medical University of Gdańsk realizes dreams and plans at such a pace. Last year, paediatrics, including dentistry, added the Pomeranian Voivode Dariusz Drelich. – I hope that soon, because in the years 2025-2026, students will be able to study in new conditions. We need more doctors and dentists. I am glad that patients from Pomerania, but not only, because the whole of northern Poland will have even greater and wider access to the most modern devices and the best specialists in Poland.


The new location will house 6 Departments operating within the Faculty of Medicine and 6 Clinics run by the University Dental Centre of the MUG:

  • Department of Periodontology and Oral Mucosa Diseases
  • Department of Dental Prosthetics
  • Department of Paediatric Dentistry
  • Department of Conservative Dentistry
  • Division of Oral Surgery
  • Division of Orthodontics
  • Clinic of Oral Surgery
  • Clinic of Periodontal and Oral Mucosa Diseases
  • Clinic of Orthodontics
  • Clinic of Dental Prosthetics and Implantology
  • Clinic of Pediatric and Family Dentistry
  • Clinic of of Conservative Dentistry

In order to operate the facility, it is necessary to build a transformer station, a power generator station, an underground fire pumping station with a tank with a capacity of approx. 280 m3, an underground rainwater retention tank with a capacity of approx. 315 m3 with a pumping station, a fire road, retaining walls, external stairs, 20 external parking spaces, as well as connections for water, sanitary and rainwater drainage, power and heating connections, and expansion of the teletechnical network.

photo Paweł Sudara/MUG