Modern education and research for health and the development of medicine.

The mission is a general statement of the sense of action, the reason for the existence and development of the organisation. It shows the purpose for which the organisation was established and what value it brings to its environment.

Vision of the MUG in 2025:

We are the leading medical university in the country and recognisable in the world, providing high quality education and research.

We care about health and the development of medicine thanks to our graduates, employees and partners.

We make up a modern and efficient organisation, inspiring students, doctoral students and employees to engage and develop.

The vision is an image of the organisation in the future; it shows employees and external stakeholders the direction in which the organisation is heading. Achieving the vision will be possible through reaching objectives and endorsing strategic initiatives, which are described in the following chapter. However, the way in which they are endorsed is also important, i.e. what values we will be driven by on a daily basis. Naturally, the MUG’s culture derives primarily from timeless academic values, such as the search for truth, tolerance, justice and love of freedom.

MUG Strategy (6.28 MB)