Research Activity

For many years the MUG has been consequently realising its developmemt strategy in the fields of research & innovation by grant-searching and directly overseeing research projects. The main achievement and confirmation of its leading role in research is the objective position of the MUG’s faculties in independent parametric analysis. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education ranked the MUG’s Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Health Sciences with grades A, and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG with a grade A+.

In the upcoming years the MUG strives to:

  • increase the quality of teaching,
  • create the conditions for implementing the principles of good scientific practice,
  • increase the number of young scientists benefiting from research funding,
  • increase the connections between research and the industry,
  • implement mechanisms that will lead to more industry/marketplace implementation of MUG’s research and development.

Why is it worth it

The high rankings of MUG’s Faculties are a direct outcome of the intense research and publishing effort by our scientists – stated prof. Tomasz Bączek, MUG Vice- Rector for Science. In perspective, it is important on one hand to strengthen the mechanisms that motivate and give the research faculty the momentum to conduct ambitious projects. Whereas on the other hand, also important are the systematic organizational and administrative changes which even further streamline the grant-finding process.

A significant activity of the MUG is the participation in nationally as well as internationally-funded development, education and implementation projects as well as in cooperative projects with the industry. Thanks to such projects, the MUG is able to continue modernizing its research infrastructure and to form strong research teams.

The highest possible position of the MUG in internationally recognized research activity (measurd by the number of published papers and citations), high effectiveness in ontaining research grants and high position of our Faculty in the Polish and international scientific community all atest to the success of the constantly developing scientific activity of our University.

A significant part of our success is in the lively scientific activity of our students who are part of Student Scientific Clubs. MUG students publish their research and present it at national and international conferences. Furthermore, they participate in unique projects such as “Pomysł – badanie – publikacja: a guide to research for medical students.” This book was created by then-students with the support of MUG researchers.