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The Student Club “Medyk” is closely connected with the Medical University of Gdańsk. Despite having been renovated on numerous occasions, its unique atmosphere remains the same.

The Club is frequented mainly by students and graduates of Tri-city Universities, who are attracted by its originality. The décor of Medyk is significantly different from that of other Tri-city discotheques. Ultraviolet graffiti has been substituted by warm and tranquil colors. The atmosphere is created by interesting lighting and medically themed elements of the décor. A one-meter-high stage has been built inside the club, furnished with chairs and tables. From there you can watch people dancing.

Each and everyone can find something interesting in the club. There is something for fans of rock, 80s pop and the latest hits as well. The owners bet on hits which are bound to fill the dance floor and guarantee time well spent. Concerts, which give young bands the opportunity to present themselves in front of a wider audience, are often organized in the club alongside MUG student get-togethers. Freshman parties are organized every year as well.

Medyk, however, has not always been only an academic club. A radio by the same name was created by MUG students, converted from a neighborhood broadcasting centre.