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1st Internationalization Congress


The Medical University of Gdańsk, together with the International Relations Offices Forum and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, are the organisers of the 1st Internationalization Congress. The event will take place from 13-14 May 2024 at the Invasive Medicine Centre.

During the Congress, we aim to address many aspects of university functioning, recognizing that internationalization encompasses all spheres of its activities. We believe that a multi-voice discussion is needed to accurately describe the problems and find real solutions. We want to hear the voices of both decision-makers at Polish universities and those involved in internationalization processes, educating foreign students, and daily interaction with foreign university partners.


Internationalization of higher education requires broad discussion, so we invite all those who see where the barriers to internationalization lie today and can suggest how to overcome them. We welcome those who closely observe the development of higher education in Europe and around the world and want to jointly determine the development prospects for Polish higher education.

We hope that the 1st Internationalization Congress will be an opportunity to discuss international trends and best practices operating abroad and will allow us to collectively formulate conclusions and set the direction for creating a national strategy for the internationalization of higher education and research.

Agenda and registration for online participation you an find on the NAWA website.

Time and place:

2024-05-13; 2024-05-14

hours provided on an ongoing basis by the organiser

Invasive Medicine Centre