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I'm getting vaccinated because it's worth it – argued the MUG's authorities and students


Flu season is in full swing, and the most effective way to avoid getting sick is to get vaccinated. They provide not only individual protection, but also the so-called population immunity. They argued on 31sto of October 2023, that it is worth getting vaccinated. At the MUG’s Family Medicine Centre, representatives of the Medical University of Gdańsk, the Provincial Branch of the National Health Fund and the Pomeranian Voivodeship Office. The video promoting vaccinations with participation of the MUG’s students is available at the MUG’s YouTube channel.


Those present during the educational campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of vaccinations: Prof. Marcin Gruchała – Rector of the MUG, Dr. Habil. Tomasz Smiatacz – Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases, provincial consultant in the field of infectious diseases, Prof. Barbara Kamińska from the MUG’s Family Medicine Centre, provincial consultant in the field of pediatrics and Jerzy Karpiński, Ph.D. – Director of the Health Department of the Pomeranian Voivodship Office, pomeranian provincial doctor. During the event, there were many long-term partners of the project from the National Health Fund (NFZ). In the press briefing participated: Director of the Pomeranian OW NFZ Monika Kasprzyk together with Joanna Erecińska, acting Deputy Director for Medical Affairs and the host of the place – Piotr Gutknecht, Ph.D., president of MUG’s FMC. A novelty of this year’s edition was the participation of the youngest representatives of the academic community – students of the Medical University of Gdańsk. A strong representation was created by: Michał Bystram, Jerome Shibu Joseph, Julia Krause, Maria Renke, Dariusz Rystwej, Shraddha Singh and Julia Stelmach. The vaccination qualifying visit was conducted by Milena Dybowska, Ph.D., and the participants were vaccinated by nurses Elżbieta Płocharczyk and Dorota Słodkowska.

We meet within these walls every year, getting vaccinated against flu and setting an example. We convince everyone how important it is. And it really is important – noted Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of the MUG. – As a cardiologist, I vaccinate primarily for my patients, who are usually elderly people with numerous cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and sometimes other diseases. I think that each of us has people around us for whom the flu can be very dangerous, so even if we don’t want to get vaccinated for ourselves, let’s get vaccinated for these people.

The authorities of the Medical University of Gdańsk clearly recommend the use of preventive vaccinations, in accordance with indications resulting from medicine based on scientific evidence, current recommendations of medical scientific societies, as well as applicable law. Vaccination against influenza is one of the recommended vaccinations and is largely an individual decision of each person who decides to do so or not.


I am very glad that we can meet again at the beginning of the autumn-winter season – the season of respiratory infections. Yes, vaccinations save health and lives and we know it. It could be weighed, measured and calculated. Vaccinations are very safe. In the case of respiratory infections, vaccination is primarily intended to alleviate the course of the disease – explained Dr. Habil. Tomasz Smiatacz, Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases of the MUG. – We may get sick despite vaccination, but we won’t end up in hospital and we won’t die. This applies primarily to seniors. I strongly encourage you to undergo the vaccination qualification process and I do it with a clear conscience, and if anyone has concerns, I encourage you to take a friend with you who will perhaps alleviate some of your fear and concerns.

Protective vaccinations also play a significant role in combating infectious diseases in children and adolescents, as argued by Prof. Kamińska.

A pediatrician cannot be missing when it comes to vaccinations – emphasized Prof. Barbara Kamińska, provincial consultant in the field of pediatrics. – That’s what we’re here for, that’s what education is for, and that’s why we want to be able to reach parents and have them agree to have their children vaccinated. There are many more advantages than the so-called post-vaccination reactions. I think that here we, as pediatricians, definitely have a baton that we carry with us, which is education, which I always talk about.


The MUG initiated a campaign promoting flu vaccinations in 2017. Educational activities are also actively supported by organizational units of the local government.

Vaccinations are a great achievement of medicine – argued Jerzy Karpiński, Ph.D., Director of the Health Department of the Pomeranian Voivodship Office. – In addition to administrative work, I also deal with palliative patients in home care. Due to their health and weakened immunity, I want to get vaccinated to protect them from the serious complications that the flu can have. Additionally, in my own family I have a person we take care of who is 93 years old and requires care from us. That’s why I get vaccinated and encourage everyone to take advantage of the benefits of medicine.

The fact that it is worth getting vaccinated was also demonstrated by the example of MUG students, whose statements are presented below.

Jerome Shibu Joseph (6th year medical-ED student)

I believe we should all take a vaccination, because as future healthcare workers and officials, we should believe in trying to prevent any diseases, disorders and problems than trying to cure it. Prevention is always better than cure.

Maria Renke (6th year medical student)

I get vaccinated as a young person and I think it is very important. Not only because vaccination alleviates the course of the infection itself, but also as an investment in a long future life – it reduces the risk of long-term complications, infections, acute infection, and severe influenza infection. I would like to point out that regular vaccination also has many benefits for young people and encourage them to do so.


Dariusz Rystwej (1st year, 2nd degree clinical research student)

I think the best thing about getting vaccinated against flu is that each of us may have a different reason for doing it. It’s up to us what our reason will be. I encourage you to answer the question “why do I want to get vaccinated?” and saying “I get vaccinated because…”.

Shraddha Singh (6th year medical-ED student)

I believe that vaccination is really important. It’s to prevent the major calamities we’ve seen previous time. As a future healthcare worker, I think it’s our responsibility to promote this awareness about taking a vaccine and its effects – the positive effects and also the adverse effects – so people can take a conscious decision on taking a vaccine.


Julia Stelmach (3rd year medical student)

I am getting vaccinated on behalf of students. I would like to encourage other students because I know how important it is and I hope everyone understands how important it is.

According to the website, created on the initiative of the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene in cooperation with the Polish Society of Vaccinology, in Poland it is registered from several hundred thousand to several million cases and suspected cases of influenza, depending on the epidemic season. The peak of the disease usually occurs between January and March. Influenza causes epidemic diseases that occur every season or pandemics that occur every dozen or so years and have a global reach.

photos by Paweł Sudara/MUG

graphics by the University Student Government of the MUG