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Panel discussion – "From data to wisdom. Digital innovation in health"


Development of digital tools in the field of healthcare creates new opportunities for medical staff and patients, but we can see that potential of AI in patient care is still not fully utilised.

We want to understand why and… change it!

Save the date and join us!

27th October 2023

In order to make it easier for students and scientists to implement innovations, we prepared a series of activities in academic year 2023/2024. Our aim is to share knowledge, raise awareness, stimulate and encourage innovative attitudes and support innovators in their way to success.

We invite you for panel discussion From data to wisdom. Digital innovation in health.

We will discuss:

  • digital services and AI in the healthcare as the main challenge of our times – opportunities and potential risks
  • conditions of friendly and stimulating ecosystem for innovators
  • sources of funding and other forms of support for digital innovators
  • examples of inspiring ideas and tools.

We want to make this event interdisciplinary, cross-sectional and creating networking opportunities. That is why we invited scientists, practitioners as well as business representatives. Meet our panel experts:

Cristina Lavareda Baixinho, Ph.D. Professor at Nursing School of Lisbon
Maciej Bobowicz, Ph.D. 2nd Division of Radiology, MUG & EuCanImage Project WP2 Lead
Patryk Jar Kainos, Innovation Tech Lead
Szymon Korzekwa, Ph.D. CEO BrainScan
Tiago Nascimento, M.Sc., Ph.D. Nursing Research, Innovation and Developement Cetre of Lisbon
Daniel Węsierski, Ph.D. Gdańsk University of Technology, Cameras and Algorithms Lab Lead
Jaśmina Zwierz Gdańsk Science and Technology Park

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Panel discussion is a part of InnovAId 3rd Multiplier Event Creation of regional impact.


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