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The MUG with financing for the investment "Cardiovascular Laboratory - CLEVERHEART"


The Medical University of Gdańsk obtained funds for the implementation of the investment entitled Cardiovascular Laboratory – CLEVERHEART University Interventional Core Laboratories, a research and development centre in invasive cardiology. Funding in the amount of over PLN 1,646 million comes from the Ministry of Education and Science. The leader of the CardioResearch Group, a team working within the 1st Department of Cardiology is Prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski.

Professor Miłosz Jaguszewski
Professor Miłosz Jaguszewski

The Cardiovascular Laboratory, as an integral part of the Invasive Cardiology Laboratory of the UCC’s Cardiology Clinic and the core facility created as part of the implementation of the EIRU (IDUB) program at the MUG, will be a unique academic research and development centre conducting projects evaluating the safety and effectiveness of modern therapies in cardiology. Its aim is implementation of early phase studies (including first-in-human studies) and development of modern therapies in invasive cardiology. The centre will be built on the basis of many years of experience of the CardioResearch Group, a team cooperating with the Centre of Translational Medicine, the Clinical Research Support Centre and the Technology Transfer Office of the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Ultimately, the unit will become a fully equipped research and development center, offering an attractive workplace for scientists and presenting itself as a partner for the implementation of research and implementation projects for foreign centres, and hardware companies planning to design, patent, as well as assess the safety and effectiveness of new diagnostic technologies and therapeutics in cardiology.


CardioResearch Group, a team built since 2020 at the MUG’s 1st Department of Cardiology, conducts a number of clinical trials and conceptual work, and the new scientific base is to help in the implementation of current and planned clinical and research and development projects. The research is carried out in cooperation with recognized experts in the field of invasive cardiology and experimental cardiology, including with: Prof. Shmuel Banai (Israel), Prof. Paul Grundeman (Netherlands, Poland), Prof. Juan Luis Gutierrez-Chico (Spain), Prof. Dagmara Hering (Poland), Prof. Amir Lerman (USA), Prof. Thomas Luescher (Great Britain), Prof. Jolanta Siller-Matula (Austria), Prof. Patrick Serruys (Great Britain), Prof. Tomasz Smoleński (Poland), Prof. Łukasz Szarpak (Poland) and Prof. Christian Templin (Switzerland).

photo by Paweł Sudara/MUG