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One of the best students in the world will start education at the MUG


Oliwia Raniszewska, who will start her education at the Medical University of Gdańsk in October 2023, was among the 50 finalists of the international competition Global Student Prize organized by the Varkey Foundation. It is intended for pupils and students undertaking various types of social and research initiatives, as well as those starting their scientific career.

Oliwia Raniszewska
Oliwia Raniszewska

A student from Świecie, while studying in high school, took part in university classes on, among others, anatomy, emotions, motivation and biological mechanisms behind various types of behavior. She was also involved in social activities, presenting to primary school students the prospects for further education, as well as conducting courses preparing them for biology competitions.

Oliwia Raniszewska’s activity also includes team research projects, e.g. creating Aquacollector – a device for collecting impurities from water, such as microplastics or Skin Preventer – a system using artificial intelligence algorithms to support the diagnosis of skin lesions. They have been appreciated on the national forum. The first of them took 3rd place in the Explory competition, while the second one qualified for the centrall stage of the Olympiad of Technical Innovation and Invention. The creators of Skin Preventer also plan to patent and commercialize their invention.

The winner of the Global Student Prize competition can count on a financial award. In the event of a triumph, the future student of the MUG intends to spend it on the development of her scientific career, e.g. through trips to conferences and to support the education of children from war-affected areas. She also plans to develop a device for detecting skin lesions that she co-creates. More information can be found on the competition website.

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