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The BUP Symposium 2023


The Baltic University Programme is organising the Symposium 2023 event, which will take place on 7-8 November 2023 in an online format.

The Symposium is a platform where the regional educational and research communities can get together and get to know their colleagues at participating universities of The Baltic University Programme (BUP). The Symposium is an arena where you can disseminate recent research and where new discussions and collaborations can begin. We are challenging researchers from different disciplines with an interest in the Baltic Sea Region as an empirical field to discuss Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region. We focus on research having an inter-/multi disciplinary approach.

The Symposium will feature oral presentations from researchers from BUP participating universities in the Baltic Sea Region. The presentations will be sorted within the BUP themes. During the second day there will be a session that focuses on future research collaboration and projects. Those that attend will get to share new research and project ideas as well as search for new project partners. This will be an opportunity to establish new contacts in a related field in different countries and universities; internationalisation in practice.

Speakers will be allowed to watch tutorial videos focusing on research presentations and speeches via the Zoom platform before the meeting.

Registration for the event is required using the form

Applications for presentations will close on 31 July 2023.

MUG’s membership in the Baltic University Programme is coordinated by Dr. Habil. Maciej Grzybek, Assoc. Prof. from the university’s Division of Tropical Parasitologyat the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine (e-mail:

PUB is one of the largest university co-operations in the world, bringing together 95 universities in 12 countries. University cooperation focuses, among other things, on issues of sustainability and environmental protection.


Time and place:

2023-11-07; 2023-11-08

hours provided on an ongoing basis by the organiser