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The MUG again among the best Polish universities



For almost a decade, the Medical University of Gdansk has been at the forefront of Poland’s leading academic centres. According to the results of the 24th edition of the Perspektywy University Ranking of the Perspektywy Educational Foundation, the Medical University of Gdańsk is ranked 9th among all universities in the country. It is also the second-highest-ranked medical university. The MUG performs equally well in this year’s ranking of fields of study, ranking 3rd in midwifery and pharmacy, 4th in medicine, 5th in doctor-dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing, and 6th in medical emergency medicine and public health respectively. Biotechnology, conducted at the Inter-University Faculty of University of Gdańsk and the Medical Universitety of Gdańsk, ranked high in 2nd place in the ranking of faculties. In the groups of criteria, our University ranks 5th in terms of scientific efficiency, which consists of, among other things, the number of publications and citations included in the SCOPUS database between 2018 and 2022, the development of our staff, degrees awarded, and the efficiency of obtaining external funding for research. The gala ceremony took place place on 29 June at 12:00 in Warsaw. The event was attended by Professor Michał Markuszewski, Vice-Rector for Science.

Prof. Michał Markuszewski
Prof. Michał Markuszewski

The Medical University of Gdańsk is characterised by a high scientific and development potential, which consists in particular of experienced and renowned research teams, a growing number of prestigious international publications and grants, as well as a wide range and quality of conducted research – says Professor Michał Markuszewski, Vice-Rector for Science. – The ranking is a kind of reflection of the year-long very good and committed work of all groups of employees, doctoral students, and students, for which we would like to thank you. Our position is undoubtedly influenced by the results of the most recent evaluation of the quality of scientific activity, according to which the Faculty of Pharmacy received an A category, while the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences received a B+. This is an additional motivation for us to continue our pro-development efforts in all areas of the University’s operation.

The Perspektywy Ranking of Higher Education Institutions takes into account 29 indicators grouped into seven criteria: Prestige (12%), Graduates on the labour market (12%), Scientific potential (15%), Scientific efficiency (28%), Educational conditions (10%), Innovation (8%) and Internationalisation of studies (15%). The weights and methods of determining some of the assessments within each criterion have been changed with previous years while retaining the organiser’s intended possibility of comparing universities ‘year by year’. To the Innovation criterion, the SDG category was added a year ago, denoting the contribution of the university’s research to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals – Agenda 2030). In turn, an indicator of Participation in a European university was added to the Internationalisation criterion, rewarding universities that were selected in a European Commission competition. The calculation of the Foreigners indicator within the same criterion has also been changed.


The ranking’s methodology, press material Perspektywy

In this year’s list, in the Scientific Potential criterion, the indicator Evaluation of scientific activity, representing the sum of grades given to individual disciplines about the number of staff and working time related to scientific activity, appeared instead of the indicator Parametric evaluation. In addition, within the Internationalisation criterion, the indicators of Academic staff exchange (mobility) within the Erasmus+ programme and Strategic partnership projects in which the HEI is involved within the Erasmus+ programme have appeared, measured by the number of, respectively, academic staff travelling as part of foreign exchange and the value of strategic projects within Erasmus+ in which the HEI was involved. What was missing was the indicator of Study programmes in foreign languages, which was well-known from previous editions.

This type of classification is one of the most extensive and transparent educational rankings in the world. At the same time, it fulfils the function of an important and reliable source of information for university applicants. As in previous years, the methodology of the ranking was handled by specialists from the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Perspektywa ranking is also one of the four that have the international quality certificate IREG Approved.

The full list is available on the Perspektywy website

Photo: Joanna Śliwińska, Paweł Sudara/MUG