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New field of study – clinical research


In the academic year 2023/2024, the Medical University of Gdańsk will start teaching in a new field of study – clinical research. It’s a full-time second-cycle studies of general academic profile, conducted at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The program was prepared on the basis of the experience of the MUG and UCC academic staff, taking into account the socio-economic needs. Recruitment in the basic round will start in mid-June and will last until 31st of August 2023.

Dr. Habil. Sławomir Wójcik
Dr. Habil. Sławomir Wójcik

We are expanding the current educational offer with a field of study that meets the current needs and expectations of both our candidates and potential employers – says Dr. Habil. Sławomir Wójcik, Head of the MUG’s Admissions Office. – The status of a research university has resulted in completely new ideas and opportunities in the field of educating specialists in the field of health care.

The study program is based on the field of health sciences, taking into account the broadly understood roles of medical professions. Legal, administrative and psychological aspects are important. The mission of the program is to educate graduates who will consciously develop clinical trials in Poland, supporting the health care sector and providing educational potential.

Prof. Edyta Szurowska
Prof. Edyta Szurowska

Clinical trials are the basis for the development of modern medicine. A broad approach, with the provision of targeted workshops, will allow the graduate to freely choose the further direction of development and specialization. Their completion will enable starting a job in a company that is a sponsor of clinical trials, as well as efficient coordination of clinical trials in the centre – explains Prof. Edyta Szurowska, Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs of the MUG, co-author of the curriculum in the field of clinical research.

It is worth noting that the study program covers all important areas of knowledge and competence, including: phases of clinical trials, legal and ethical aspects in clinical trials, methods and processes of monitoring clinical trials, as well as data management and quality of subcontractors in clinical trials. In addition, during the course of education, issues related to new technologies and working methods in clinical trials, quality systems and laboratory accreditation as well as data protection and intellectual property will be addressed.

Experienced in the implementation of clinical trials

The Medical University of Gdańsk, as one of the largest beneficiaries of projects financed by the Medical Research Agency, has many years of experience in the implementation of clinical trials. The MUG has a Clinical Research Support Centre whose task is to comprehensively support clinical trials conducted by the University. The University’s CRSC is consolidating activities aimed at developing paths that improve the quality of clinical trials and increase patients’ access to new therapies and treatment regimens.

MUG’s Clinical Research Support Centre is part of the Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Support Centre of the MUG-UCC-UDC (MCWBK GUMed-UCK-UCS), co-created by partner units at the University Clinical Centre and the MUG’s University Dental Centre. The above-mentioned units employ multidisciplinary teams that carry out clinical trials and directly support physicians – chief investigators. Teams carrying out a clinical trial consist of nurses, coordinators, monitors and administrative staff, thanks to which the researcher has more time for the patient participating in the clinical trial, and the patient feels understood and safe.


Candidate profile

Candidates with a diploma of completion of: first- and second-cycle studies and uniform master’s studies in the following fields may apply for admission to full-time second-cycle studies in the field of clinical trials:

1st degree: biology and related fields; biotechnology; bioinformatics; chemistry and related fields; dietetics; electroradiology; physics and related fields; engineering and related fields; cosmetology; nursing; obstetrics; emergency medical services; food technology and human nutrition; public health; environmental health

II degree: dietician; nursing; obstetrics; public health; environmental health and safety

uniform master’s degree: medical analytics; pharmacy; physiotherapy; medical studies; medical-dental studies; health psychology; veterinary medicine.

Graduate Profile

A master’s degree is obtained by a clinical research graduate who has knowledge in the field of health, pharmaceutical, medical, biological, chemical and social sciences necessary to conduct clinical trials and advanced expertise in planning, conducting and monitoring clinical trials. He knows and understands Polish, European and American legislation regarding the planning, conduct and monitoring of clinical trials, as well as the procedure for granting an authorization for a clinical trial of a medicinal product for human use.

A graduate of the field of clinical research is able to, among others: prepare documentation used in clinical trials and assess its correctness and is able to provide reliable information on clinical trials. In addition, he is prepared to work in clinical trials and to participate in the monitoring of adverse effects of medicinal products, as well as he is able to apply the principles of data protection and intellectual property. He has a knowledge of a foreign language specialized in the field of clinical trials, and in his work he uses professional knowledge and skills, in accordance with the principles of ethics and deontology and compliance with the law.

He is prepared to work in hospitals, research centers, CRO companies and other entities conducting clinical trials and monitoring adverse effects of medicinal products. In addition, he may take up employment in other state and local government offices and institutions operating in the field of health care, research institutes, as well as entities conducting research and development activities and institutions dealing with counseling and dissemination of knowledge in the field of clinical trials.

photos by Paweł Sudara/MUG