Juwenalia 2023


The Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology, the University of Gdańsk, the Academy of Music, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Academy of Physical Education and Sport are once again joining forces to organise a student event, in cooperation with the Gdańsk Foundation. For the fourth time, the Gdańsk universities have decided to create a unique opportunity for students to spend time with peers from different academic backgrounds in a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

The event will take place on 19-20 May this year at Plac Zebrań Ludowych in Gdańsk. Tickets are available for purchase at https://www.biletomat.pl/juwenalia-gdanskie-2023-996/.

Many attractions have been prepared. A larger event area, the Main Stage, and 8 Polish artists on it. This year’s novelty will be the TalkStage, where the organisers have invited influencers to talk – including Doktor Ania and GALANTA LALA i.e. Urszula Chowaniec. The Main Stage will feature performances by Oki, Brodka, Kizo, Natalia Szroeder, Michał Wiśniewski, and Smolasty. There will also be bands – Nocny Kochanek and Łydka Grubasa will be warming up with their sounds. In between concerts, the audience will be warmed up by DJ Muody and Dj Muha.

Additional information is available at https://www.juwenaliagdanskie.pl/ and on Facebook profile.

Time and place:

2023-05-19; 2023-05-20

hours provided on an ongoing basis by the organiser

Plac Zebrań Ludowych, Gdańsk