Summary of the 28th ISSC


Nearly 150 registered participants, over 100 papers, and 15 scientific sessions sum up the 28th International Student Scientific Conference (ISSC), which took place from 13th to 15th of April 2023 in Gdansk. The conference is an annual event organized by Student Scientific Societies, including the SSC of the MUG.


The authorities of the Medical University of Gdańsk were represented during the session by Dr. Habil. Tomasz Smiatacz, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Prof. Michał Markuszewski, Vice-Rector for Science. The inaugural lecture devoted to innovations in medicine was delivered by Prof. Paul Grundemann, visiting professor at the University Medical Center Utrecht. In addition to the panel of international lecturers, students’ invitation was also accepted by Giulia Marvaso, Ph.D. – medical assistant at Istituto Europeo di Oncologia IRCCS in Milan and researcher at the Department of Oncology and Oncohematology at the University of Milan, who discussed the physical and clinical aspects of radiotherapy. Monika Kukla, Ph.D. from the PZU, who talked about digital health technologies, and Anna Supernat, Ph.D. from the Department of Translational Oncology of the MUG, who discussed the diagnosis of cancer in gynecology in the context of machine learning algorithms, also presented their speeches.

During the next two days, young researchers from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Scotland and Nigeria presented original papers and case studies in several thematic sessions in the field of: surgery, paediatrics, cardiology, haematology, endocrinology, general medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, psychology and psychiatry, obstetrics, and basic sciences. There was also a poster session in the field of oncology.

It was the biggest and most successful edition of the ISSC to date. We are glad that we could encourage so many young scientists to come to Gdańsk to share their work and ideas from across Europe and around the world. ISSC shows how important science is for our education, establishing the cooperation and exchange of ideas between participants – summed up Shraddha Singh, chairperson of the Conference Organizing Committee. – I am inspired by our team, to put up a conference while keeping up with their day-to-day studies. Everyone has worked incredibly hard to create a professional and successful conference. Our students showed ingenuity, cooperation and determination to make the ISSC an important event on every student’s calendar.


For the second time, the authors of the best scientific presentations were awarded special prizes in the amount of PLN 2 000 funded by the Servier Polska. It is a form of scholarship that the winners can use to pay the costs related to participation in a scientific conference of their choice. The awards were presented during the closing ceremony, which was accompanied by a lecture by Prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski from the 1st Department of Cardiology of the MUG. DeGruyter Publishing also sponsored a PLN 500 prize for the best poster presented during the poster session.

Award for the best scientific presentations went to:

  • Victor Nweze from the University of Nigeria in Biomedical Sciences session for work Profiling the Antidiabetic Compounds of Bidens pilosa targeted Towards Glucokinase (1V4S) Activation: A Computational Insight,
  • Mikołaj Kuncewicz from the Medical University of Warsaw in Oncology session for work Long-term outcomes of liver transplantation for unresectable metastatic neuroendocrine tumors,
  • Jakub Zimodro from the Medical University of Warsaw in Cardiology session for work Post liver transplantation vasoplegic syndrome – case study and review of therapeutic options.

The award for the best poster went to Inez Mruk from the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk for work In Vitro Fertilization and Mass Spectrometry and: In Search of Oocyte Quality Peptide Biomarker.

The organization of the Conference was supported by the Office of the Excellence Initiative – Research University Program.

photos by Sonia Rokicka, Jerome Joseph/MUG