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A festival of colours at our University



Members of the South Asian Students’ Association – an organisation for students of South Asian origin studying at the MUG – organised a Holi celebration on 4 March 2023. The event, intended for all students of our University, was held in the green areas near the MUG dormitories.

Holi, popularly known as the festival of colours, is a Hindu festival celebrated all across India and hindus of the neighbouring countries. It is the second biggest festival after Diwali. According to the Hindu calendar, it falls in the month of ‘phalgun’, which is somewhere between February and March (it falls on a different date every year according to the English Calendar, depending on the Hindu Calendar and the position of the Sun and the Moon). This year its on 8th March.


The Holi celebrations last for 2 days. Day 1 is Holika Dahan and day 2 is Rangowali Holi (in. holi of colours). This festival marks the victory of good over evil (story of King Hiranyakashipu and Holika), symbolises Lord Krishna and Radha’s pure love and is also celebrated as a harvest festival. In India, it also marks the end of winter and the onset of spring.

People in India play holi by puting colours (Gulal) on each other and throwing water using water balloons or water guns. People also relish sweet delicacies and Thandai (a milk drink) specially prepared for the festiwal.

photo: Magda Warzocha/MUG, private archive