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New technologies – new threats?


Development of digital tools in the field of health represents new opportunities for doctors and patients. In order to make it easier for students, doctoral students and employees of the Fahrenheit Universities to implement innovative solutions, we have prepared a course on how to design such a product or service and bring it to market. The course is organized as part of the InnovAId project.

That is why the Medical University of Gdańsk has prepared a course during which experts from the Technology Transfer Centre MUG and Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Incubator STARTER will share, in an accessible way, knowledge useful at various stages of designing and implementing innovative solutions in the area of digital health.

James Matchett
James Matchett

Cyber Security in Healthcare is the topic of the 5th workshop within the InnovAId project. The meeting will start with the lecture Cryptogenesis – The origins, interfaces and implications of Cyber Security in Healthcare prepared by James Matchett – Senior Cyber Security Engineer in Kainos.

Expert is working on healthcare related projects for over 4 years. In his role, he is expected to defend critical systems from cyber-attacks to ensure that they remain online, keep patient data secure and are constantly available to ensure the best possible healthcare provider outcomes. He has been the security lead on systems including the UK Covid-19 testing platform, LIMS based pathology systems, electronic patient record management systems, patient facing healthcare accessibility mobile applications and research in offensive methods against AI supported pathology diagnosis tools.

James Matchett will be discussing the interfaces between cyber security and healthcare as well as the implications this can have on patient & healthcare provider outcomes. This will include stories from healthcare authorities throughout the world, how they have been attacked in the past and how this has significant implications as we seek to involve digital platforms increasingly in all aspects of healthcare.

21st March (Tuesday), 5 p.m.

Prof. Stanisław Hiller Lecture Hall, (Dębinki 1 Street, Gdańsk Collegium Biomedicum) or online

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The course was organized as part of the InnovAId project implemented by an international consortium, which, in addition to MUG, includes universities from the Netherlands (University Medical Center Utrecht), Belgium (University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and Portugal (Lisbon School of Nursing). Detailed information on the project can be found at