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S-DISCO students started their education at our University


Eighteen students of the International Master in Sustainabe Drugs Discovery program have started the second semester of their studies at the Medical University of Gdańsk. Before the inauguration of classes, Orientation Days were held from 15th to 17th of February 2023, which allowed them to get to know our University. On behalf of the MUG’s authorities, the students were welcomed first by Vice-Rector for Science Prof. Michał Markuszewski.

On behalf of the authorities of the Medical University of Gdańsk, we would like to officially welcome you in our walls – said Prof. Michał Markuszewski. – In the coming days you will get to know Gdańsk and our University, and you will learn a lot about Poland and Polish culture. We are one of the most innovative universities in Poland in the field of medicine and pharmacy, so you are in good hands. We open on your opinions on your remark and are always ready to answer your questions.

Also speaking was Dr. Habil. Bartosz Wielgomas, Assoc. Prof., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

I welcome you as students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, which you will visit tomorrow. We have also prepared organizational meetings for you that will help you get used to learning at the MUG. We will remain your support throughout the semester until June. In the meantime, we wish you a pleasant stay and success in your studies.

from the left: Dr. Habil. Bartosz Wielgomas, Assoc. Prof., Prof. Michał Markuszewski and Marzena Kołtoniak

from the left: Dr. Habil. Bartosz Wielgomas, Assoc. Prof., Prof. Michał Markuszewski and Marzena Kołtoniak

During the three-day classes, the newly arrived students had the opportunity to learn about the functioning of the MUG and the rules and regulations applicable in Poland. On the first day of the meeting, Marzena Kołtoniak from the Welcome Point – Foreign Students and Employees Support Centre gave them the first lesson of Polish lanuage, while Beata Trzebniak, Head of the Student Campus explained to them the rules of accommodation in our University’s dormitories. Police representatives discussed the rules of safe behavior and indicated where the foreign guests can get help. The summary of the day was a walk around the MUG’s main campus.

The second day began with a meeting with Małgorzata Wacławik, doctoral student from the Department of Toxicology of the MUG, who will be the tutor of a group of students during their studies at our University. The next point of the event was a conversation with Aleksander Rynkiewicz, S.L. on the regulations and norms of behavior in force in Poland, after which the students took part in another Polish language lesson. Foreign guests could also get to know Gdańsk by taking a tram to the campus of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the MUG. After reaching their destination, they met with the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Wojciech Kamysz and collected ID cards and badges. They also had the opportunity to visit the Faculty’s campus, getting to know the buildings in which they will be preparing for the role of leaders in the pharmaceutical industry for the coming months.


The last day of the event was devoted to further practical advice. During it, foreign guests learned what health and psychological care they can count on as students of our University, as well as how to use the resources of the MUG’s Main Library and how to move around Gdańsk. After the information meetings, the third Polish language lesson took place, and Orientation Days ended with an integration lunch at the student club Medyk.

photo by Paweł Sudara/MUG