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Professor Raszeja is the patron of the lecture hall of the MUG



In his scientific and didactic activities, he tried to be faithful to his favorite motto – Everyone, especially a professor, should be judged by the students he educated, and they should surpass the master!. Died in 2021, Prof. Stefan Raszeja was an unquestionable authority in the field of forensic medicine, a pioneer of bioethical evaluation of scientific research in Poland, a man with broad humanistic horizons and independent views. On the initiative of his students and heirs – Prof. Michał Kaliszan, Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Dr. Habil. Anna Paprocka-Lipińska, Head of the Division of Medical Ethics, the Professor was honored in a special way by giving his name to the lecture hall in the building of the MUG’s Department of Forensic Medicine. Prof. Raszeja managed this unit continuously from 1964 until his retirement in 1993. The ceremony took place on 12th of January 2023 with the participation of the University authorities, the Professor’s family, as well as friends, supporters and colleagues.

The event was attended by, among others: the MUG Rector Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Vice-Rector for Science Prof. Michał Markuszewski, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Radosław Owczuk, as well as former Heads of the Department of Forensic Medicine – Prof. Zofia Szczerkowska and Prof. Zbigniew Jankowski. Also present were members of the MUG’s Independent Bioethics Committee for Research headed by the Chairman Prof. Bolesław Rutkowski, President of the Regional Medical Chamber in Gdańsk Dariusz Kutella, Ph.D. and members of the Management Board of the Society of Enthusiasts of the Kociewie Region – President Mirosław Kalkowski, Bożenna Bielińska and Ryszard Szwoch. The ceremony was attended by the Professor’s relatives – daughter Anna Raszeja-Specht, Ph.D., son Adam Raszeja and granddaughter Zofia Specht.


- This is a very important day for our University – emphasized Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk. – On the centenary of the birth of prof. Stefan Raszeja, long-time Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine, former Dean, Vice-Rector and Rector of our University, we gave his name to the lecture hall at the Department of Forensic Medicine.

The Professor developed the scientific activity of the unit, adapting it to the level of forensic medical services required by the justice system. Under his leadership, the Department became one of the leading centers in the country in the field of forensic medicine. Contribution of Prof. Stefan Raszeja in the development of ethics and bioethics in Poland was introduced by Dr. Habil. Anna Paprocka-Lipińska, while Prof. Michał Kaliszan recalled the Professor’s merits for the development of forensic medicine. Those who knew the Professor and worked with them also shared their memories: Prof. Boleslaw Rutkowski, Prof. Zbigniew Jankowski and Ryszard Szwoch.


Professor Stefan Raszeja was the rector of the then Medical Academy in Gdańsk in the term of 1972-1975, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (1966-1969) and Vice-Rector for Science (1969-1971). He headed the Department of Forensic Medicine in the years 1964-1993. He participated in the work on creating the foundations of the current scientific research control system and legal guarantees protecting participants in research experiments in Poland. In 2014, he received the title of doctor honoris causa of the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Being Vice-Rector for Science, prof. Raszeja strived to objectify and standardize the periodic assessment of the development of research and teaching staff. He developed and introduced cards containing the teacher’s scientific development, as well as information on his didactic, clinical and social activities. As Rector, he finalized the expansion of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Main Library and the seat of the theoretical departments of the Faculty of Medicine.

In the 1980s, he led to the launch of a kidney transplant program in Gdańsk. He is considered the founder of the Gdańsk school of forensic medicine. On the initiative of Prof. Raszeja, the first Polish Team for the Deontological Assessment of Scientific Research was established. He was also a co-organizer of the first National Committee for Research on Humans and a long-term Chairman of the Independent Bioethics Committee for Scientific Research of the MUG.

He was the creator and editor of the journal Annales Academiae Medicae Gedanensis, as well as the initiator of the establishment of the Primus Inter Pares medal at the University, awarded to graduates who distinguished themselves in science and social activity.

During World War II, he was a soldier of the Secret Military Organization “Gryf Pomorski”. He passed away in 2021, at the age of 98.

photo by Paweł Sudara/MUG