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"Diverse and Equal" - Stage 2 of the Culture of Respect campaign


The Medical University of Gdańsk continues the educational and information campaign Kultura Szacunku / Culture of Respect launched in October 2020. Its aim was to draw the attention of members of our community to the importance and relevance in the life of the academic community of such key values and attitudes as respect and equality, kindness and understanding, tolerance and trust. In the course of the campaign, were carried out educational activities – lectures, webinars, an expert debate – to improve our knowledge, awareness and sensitivity regarding discrimination and bullying, as well as the factors that shape positive interpersonal relationships.

It’s important, that good relations between members of our academic community, mutual respect and equal treatment, should be our concern at all times, so actions in this sphere should not be ad hoc or transient. Taking into account the internal needs of our academic community, the impulses coming from our students, as well as the phenomena in social life outside the University, from January 2023 the MUG will continue the Culture of Respect campaign, and its new phase will address one of the fundamental values and rules of society, which is equality. Equality in dignity, equality before the law, equality in treatment at university and in society, regardless of any differences between us. The slogan for this phase of the campaign is Diverse and Equal.


The aim of campaign is to approach the subject of equality in a cross-cutting manner, taking into account the broad spectrum of human characteristics and elements of identity that are sometimes used as grounds for unequal treatment in everyday life. Thus, discussed will be issues regarding equality and its breaches on the basis of: health and performance status, age and appearance, hierarchical position, gender and psychosexual orientation, ethnicity and cultural identity, as well as marital status and financial status.

Planned actions and events

In the second stage of the Kultura Szacunku / Culture of Respect campaign entitled Diverse and Equal we are planning a range of actions and events, which are intended not only to provide some knowledge about the concept and value of equality as well as to provoke thoughts and debate regarding the problems and deficits in that area, but also to attract attention and encourage engagement of a possibly largest audience, members of our academic community:

The campaign is supported by the rector authorities of the MUG, represented by Dr. Habil. Agnieszka Zimmermann, Assoc. Prof., Vice-Rector for the Quality of Teaching. We have important allies in the implementation of the campaign: the Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the City of Gdańsk. It is also possible that in the implementation of some activities we will join forces with the University of Gdańsk and Gdańsk University of Technology, which together with the MUG form the Fahrenheit Universities.