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An invention of the Department of Physical Chemistry specialists with a patent


Scientists from the MUG’s Department of Physical Chemistry: Dr. Habil. Magdalena Prokopowicz, Pharm.D., Assoc. Prof. and Adrian Szewczyk, Ph.D. obtained a patent for the invention. Pharmaceutical composition for bone tissue implantation, the method of its preparation, and its use for the treatment and/or regeneration of bone tissue granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.


from left: Adrian Szewczyk, Ph.D., Prof. Magdalena Prokopowicz

The subject of patent protection is a pharmaceutical composition that allows the manufacture of spherical pellets (pellets) for the treatment of bacterial bone infections. The innovative solution consisted in combining mesoporous silica material with adsorbed antibiotics and bio-glass with high mineralization properties. The result was a bifunctional formulation of the drug with antimicrobial activity and support for bone tissue regeneration.

The research, the results of which were covered by patent protection, was carried out as part of the OPUS 15 competition. In the subsequent stages, the research team of prof. Magdalena Prokopowicz plans to expand research with in vivo models by applying for further funds in competitions announced by the National Science Center and the National Center for Research and Development.

More information, including a description of the invention, is available on the website of MUG’s Technology Transfer Centre.

photo: Paweł Sudara/MUG