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MUG's representative will chair the IROs Forum


Ewa Kiszka, photo from private archive
Ewa Kiszka, photo from private archive

Ewa Kiszka, head of the Internationalization Office and Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator of the MUG will start in 2023 her term as the president of the International Relations Offices Forum (IROs Forum). It is a network of international cooperation offices of Polish state-owned universities. Its aim is to increase the quality, effectiveness and scope of international cooperation of national universities.

The tasks of the IROs Forum include, among others: exchange of information and examples of good practice, organization of various types of events, implementation of joint projects, promotion of partner universities in Poland and abroad, and expressing opinions on legal regulations of higher education.

The MUG’s specialist is currently a member of the Steering Committee of the IROs Forum. She specializes in issues related to the internationalization of universities (including intercultural differences), international cooperation and mobility, marketing and foreign promotion of universities, support, relations and integration of the foreign part of the university community. She is also a member of such organizations as: European Association for International Education (EAIE), Council of the IROs Forum (chairwoman in 2012) and the PRom Association.

Ewa Kiszka promotes the MUG abroad, e.g. through social media, organizes and co-organizes promotional trips, establishes contacts with recruitment agencies, publishes texts on internationalization and creates cooperation networks. She is a representative of the University in numerous internationalization projects: Ready, Study, Go, Poland!, Study in Poland, Study in Pomorskie, Immigrant Support Model and Equal Treatment Model. The specialist coordinated activities under the Study in Pomorskie initiative. She is the author and co-creator of many events and campaigns carried out at the University, aimed at improving the intercultural competences of the academic community and supporting and integrating its foreign part, including the Culture of Respect campaign and the Year of Communication and Intercultural Integration of the MUG Community. Ewa Kiszka also won the title of Marketing Star in the Stars of Internationalization 2018 competition organized by the Perspektywy Education Foundation.

photo from private archive