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How to save wisely and to the benefit of everyone – waste


Today we are all well aware of the necessity of recycling and almost everyone has more than one waste bin at home. It is the same at the University. Multicoloured bins, along with precise instructions of what and where to recycle, have become an intrinsic part of our daily scenery at the Medical University of Gdańsk. Why do we recycle waste? It is then that they cease to be just waste lingering at landfills and become a resource which can be used to produce valuable items. However, for it to happen we must throw garbage into an appropriate bin, not only to the one for the residual waste. Recycling prevents landfills from overflowing, saves energy and water which would have been used by the manufacturer to create a given item from scratch, lowers production costs, protects nature, e.g. forests, animal habitats, reduces carbon dioxide emissions.


Graphics for download:

graphics by MUG’s Department of Promotion