Medal-winning lecturers



Eighty-four academic teachers rated highest by the student community in the didactic survey in the academic year 2021/2022 were awarded during the ceremony organized on 30th of November 2022 at the Atheneum Gedanense Novum. This is another initiative, after the October Teaching Day at the MUG, appreciating people involved in the education process. In addition, the University Student Government of the MUG handed in the Amicus Studentis awards to three outstanding lecturers, whose knowledge and ability to pass it on are role models.

The event was attended by: Rector Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Vice-Rector for the Quality of Teaching Dr. Habil. Agnieszka Zimmermann, Assoc. Prof., Vice-Rector for Development and Education Prof. Jacek Bigda, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Radosław Owczuk, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Wojciech Kamysz and the Deputy-Deans group: Dr. Habil Magdalena Błażek, Assoc. Prof., Prof. Aida Kusiak, Dr/ Habil. Magdalena Prokopowicz, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Habil. Bartosz Wielgomas, Assoc. Prof. and Prof. Paweł Zagożdżon. The MUG’s Student Government was represented by: Secretary and Treasurer Jakub Deleżuch as well as Michał Bystram and Dariusz Rystwej.

The most student votes in the competition for the Amicus Studentis award received:

  • Jan Spodnik, Ph.D. from the Division of Anatomy and Neurobiology – Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Wojciech Kamysz, Head of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry – Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Jolanta Szamotulska, M.A. from the Division of Physical Therapy – Faculty of Health Sciences.


The awarded academic teachers obtained results at the level of 99 and 100 percent, with the criterion of at least 10 completed questionnaires.

I heartily congratulate all of you. I think that the very positive grade is a source of satisfaction for you and the reward itself is being well rated by students – emphasized Prof. Agnieszka Zimmermann, Vice-Rector for the Quality of Teaching. – Through the survey, we engage students to express their opinion. This builds not only a sense of duty, but also the power of causation. By expressing their opinions and assessments, they inform us about various problems, thanks to which we can together change the picture of events and contribute to the quality of education at our University.


In a short presentation, the Vice-Rector presented general statistics on the didactic survey in relation to all Faculties and subjects. The analysis covered 28 890 questionnaires concerning 1 878 MUG’s teachers. According to the average, one teacher is assessed in nearly 15 surveys and the overwhelming majority of these are positive assessments. Professor Zimmermann also announced the creation of the Teaching Support Centre, which is to provide organizational and methodological support for academic teachers working at our University.

Three elements are needed for good quality teaching – the first is the student who wants to learn, the second is the teacher who wants to teach, and the third is the organizer who wants the classes to take place well and with good effect – noted at the beginning Dr. Habil. Tomasz Smiatacz, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.

The Vice-Rector also referred to the Code of Medical Ethics, which includes respect for teachers and gratitude for their work. He thanked the students for the opinions included in the survey, the substantive ones that do not hurt, and allow to improve certain matters.

Rector Gruchała also mentioned pro-quality activities in the area of didactics undertaken at the University.

My dream, but I think that it is also the dream of all of us, is that the Medical University of Gdańsk, apart from the status of a research university, could also boast the status of an excellent didactic university. This is our basic statutory activity and the highest priority. I would like you to have this deep conviction that the University’s authorities care very much about this. Thank you for your enormous work and dedication, and I am grateful to the students for their current and partnership cooperation – added Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of the MUG.


The didactic survey through the eyes of students was discussed by representatives of the University Student Government of the MUG. 730 Polish-speaking students and 87 English Division students took part in the survey. Most of the answers were given by students of the following faculties: medicine, pharmacy, health psychology and physiotherapy. Over 30 percent of the total were second-year students. Michał Bystram, who discussed the results, emphasized that the students were not afraid to fill in the questionnaires.

As far as positive information is concerned, it is worth emphasizing that, according to the respondents, the didactic survey, which was used in previous years, is of appropriate length. Over 30 percent of those participating in the study claim that a photo of the person conducting the classes, as well as reports from previous editions of the survey and regular promotion, both on the part of the University and us, the students, would definitely be encouraged to complete the survey – explained the student Michał Bystram.

List of Laureates is available in the Extranet.

photo: Paweł Sudara/MUG