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Webinar on the preparation of an application to the Local Ethical Committee

As part of the collaboration between the V In vivo studies on the mechanism of disease and therapy team in Priority Research Area 3 and the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Program in the in Vivo research centre at the MUG, a webinar on preparing an application to the Local Ethics Committee will be held on 30 November at 14:30. The meeting will be conducted by Paulina Mierzejewska, Ph.D. – coordinator of the research team from the Department of Biochemistry at the MUG, who is responsible for the welfare of animals kept in the centres, and Ryszard Milczarek, Ph.D. – veterinarian – Head of the Laboratory for In Vivo Research at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry of the MUG.

During the meeting, participants will learn what documents need to be prepared to apply for permission to conduct experiments on animals, the most common mistakes made in applications, and what to pay attention to when preparing documents.

Participation in the training course is free of charge and no prior registration is required. You can join the course via the ZOOM platform.


Time and place: