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Let's be GCP - a career in clinical research

The Medical Research Agency, as part of the development of the Polish Clinical Research Network (PSBK), carries out tasks and undertakes activities aimed at spreading and promoting knowledge of clinical research and building awareness of the process of developing new drugs and medical technologies.

Clinical research is one of the main areas of development of medicine and the highly innovative pharmaceutical industry. One of the most important elements of conducting clinical trials of a high standard and quality is a properly qualified research team. The competence of the study personnel and their experience are synonymous with patient safety and are an important factor in the Sponsor’s choice of site.

Medical students are those looking to build their careers, and thus those entering the job market. The Medical Research Agency, wishing to promote the field of clinical research among students and graduates, is conducting a series of meetings entitled “Let’s be GCP – careers in clinical research” at medical universities to enrich their knowledge and raise awareness of research and the changes taking place in this area, and to draw their attention to the great opportunities for development and career building in the clinical research industry.

The meeting dedicated to students Medical University of Gdańsk will be held on November 28, 2022 at 18:00 on the ZOOM online platform.

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