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Open Access Week in the MUG Main Library

International Open Access Week is an initiative that seeks to prove that knowledge is a human right and to promote concept of Open Science and scientific collaboration across social, geographic and economic boundaries. It was initiated by SPARC and continues since 2008.

This year’s Open Access Week’s theme is Open for Climate Justice. Why was this particular issue chosen to be addressed? Climate changes are among the global society’s biggest challenges. No doubt about it. And everyone will have to face them. However, not everyone is affected by them equally. As many as 67% of natural disasters occur in the countries of Global South – in Africa, Latin America, parts of Asia and Oceania. Most of these countries are considered as developing countries with insufficient access to free knowledge. Knowledge that is crucial to tackle climate crisis. That is why we want to promote free, accessible to all sources of information. Starting this Monday we will share on Facebook profile chosen articles from Polish Platform of Medical Research concerning climate changes.

We prepared also a climate change quiz available from Monday through website of the Main Library of the MUG and on our Facebook. You can win medical textbooks sponsored by Edra Urban & Partner and The Book Service.


Time and place:

2022-10-28; 2022-10-29; 2022-10-30

hours provided on an ongoing basis by the organiser

online & Main Library of the MUG (Dębinki 1 Street, 80-211 Gdańsk)