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"TAZD-CBU as the leader of in vivo research projects in Tri-City universities" – webinar

On 4/03/2022 from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., the third meeting of the series In Vivo and In Vitro Research through the Eyes of Teams V and IX in PRA 3 – a Cycle of Meetings on Intra- and Intercollegiate Cooperation will take place at the Medical University of Gdańsk. The main topic is: TAZD-CBU as the leader of in vivo research projects in Tri-City universities. Webinar will be organized using the Clickmeeting platform.

Registration for the webinar takes place via the form.

Meeting plan

Grażyna Peszyńska-Sularz, V.M.D.

Director of TAZD-CBU
Coordinator of research team V, PRA3
Temat: TAZD-CBU as the leader of in vivo research projects in Tri-City universities
Prof. Dr. Habil. Natalia Marek-Trzonkowska

Director of the International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) University of Gdański
Division of Family Medicine, Medical University of Gdańsk
Coordinator of research team II, PRA1
Temat: In vivo research on the way to understanding pathogenesis and developing new therapeutic solutions for human diseases
Prof. Dr. Habil. Eng. Paweł Sachadyn

Head of the Laboratory for Regenerative Biotechnology
Gdańsk University of Technology
Temat: Epigenetic activation of regeneration
Dr habil. Ewelina Król, Assoc. Prof. UG

Dean of Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUG
Department of Recombinant Vaccines
University of Gdańsk
Temat: Recombinant virus-like particles as potential vaccine antigens

The patronage of the event is provided by the Medical University of Gdańsk, the MUG Rector, Prof. Marcin Gruchała and Fahrenheit Universities in Gdańsk.

As part of the cooperation between teams V and IX in Priority Research Area No. 3 at the Medical University of Gdańsk, a series of meetings with scientists from various units specializing in in vivo and in vitro research. . Information on the next events will soon be available on the website.


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