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Potable water dispensers at universities in Gdańsk


20 more water dispensers were handed over by Saur Neptun Gdańsk to the higher education institutions in Gdańsk. 10 devices have already been given to the Gdańsk University of Technology and 5 to the University of Gdańsk. Soon the installation of 5 devices will start at the Medical University of Gdańsk. After the installation of the dispensers, even more, students will have direct access to tap water. In 2020, as part of the pilot project, the first spigots were installed at the UG and the MUG.

In total, there are already 27 water outlets at Gdańsk universities. The universities receive two types of drinking fountains from SNG: internal dispensers for filling bottles, bottles, or cups and the so-called functional water dispensers. The first one is equipped with a sensor activating water outflow. It also has a built-in counter of 1-liter bottles, which – thanks to using tap water – will not end up in a landfill and thus in the environment. Functional dispensers, on the other hand, offer hot and cold water. They are installed in the rectorate areas.

The pilot project of access to tap water at universities implemented at the end of 2020 brought the expected effect. It turned out that students eagerly use the springs, so this year we decided to install more – emphasizes Jacek Kieloch, Vice-President of SNG.


graphic Zuzanna Zapisek, Promotion Unit of the MUG

At the Medical University of Gdańsk, which was the first university in Pomerania to install SNG dispensers for drinking tap water, the interest of students, doctoral students, and employees is enormous. This is confirmed by the device located at the Collegium Biomedicum and the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Gdańsk, equipped with a sensor that triggers the water flow and a built-in 1-liter bottle counter.

At our university we attach great importance to shaping pro-ecological attitudes as well as caring for the natural environment. Thanks to this valuable and important initiative over 5 000 liter bottles did not end up in the garbage – says Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk. – I’m very thankful to Saur Neptun Gdańsk for the so-far successful cooperation and support shown to us in various forms.

The project of installing the water outlets in educational facilities has been carried out successively since 2013. First, the water outlets were installed in schools, and then in kindergartens. In total there are 183 of them and thanks to the 57 thousand children and youth who have access to fresh water from the tap. Saur Neptun Gdańsk finances the purchase of the drinkers, their installation, and laboratory tests of the water after the installation.

Water in Gdańsk is tasty and 100% safe, that’s why we convince people that it’s worth drinking it – at school, kindergarten, university, or work – stresses Jacek Kieloch. – The research shows that 50% of Gdańsk citizens already drink tap water.

Where students can drink water:

Medical University of Gdańsk

  • Building no. 1
  • Building no. 15
  • Center for Competence Development, Integrated Care and e-Health
  • Sports Centre
  • Medical Simulation Centre

University of Gdańsk

  • Faculty of Biology – 1 distributor
  • Faculty of Law and Administration – 1 distributor
  • Faculty of Social Sciences – 2 distributors
  • Institute of Biotechnology – 1 distributor

Gdańsk University of Technology

  • Main Building – 5 distributors (including one in the Rector’s office)
  • Auditorium Novum – 1 vendor
  • Building B – 3 distributors
  • Academic Sports Centre – 1 distributor