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MUG's cientists with editorial successes


Scientists from the Medical University of Gdańsk: Prof. Rafał Bartoszewski from the Department of Biology and Pharmaceutical Botany, Associate Editor of the Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters newspaper, Prof. Michał Żmijewski from the Department of Histology and Prof. Leszek Kalinowski, Head of the Department of Clinical Analytics are co-creators of this newspaper’s success – high notes obtained in current edition of the Journal Citation Reports.


From the left: Prof. Rafał Bartoszewski, Prof. Michał Żmijewski, Prof. Leszek Kalinowski; photo: Paweł Sudara/MUG

The newspaper headed by Prof. Aleksander F. Sikorski from the University of Wrocław and published by BMC under the aegis of UWr obtained Impact Factor for 2020 totaling 5.787 and IF for last 5 years totaling 4.833 according to Journal Citation Reports 2021. These results place the Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters on 69th position out of 298 periodics in the biochemistry and molecular biology (1st quartile) and on 62nd place out of 195 newspapers in the cellular biology (2nd quartile).

The perodic noted growth in every important indicators such as: total citations amount, citations in compare with other newspapers in given category and immediacy index, referring to citing most recent information.

- To work as the only associated editor on development of CMBL, established in the University of Wrocław and focused on publication of valuable articles on the biochemistry and molecular biology as well as cellular biology, I have been invited in 2017 by my mentor and Editor-in-Chief Prof. Aleksander F. Sikorski – says Prof. Rafał Bartoszewski. – Together with members of scientific council (including Prof. Michał Żmijewski and Prof. Leszek Kalinowski) we decided to build a leading scientific newspaper. In 2017 its IF was 1.291, and after 4 years of our work focused on gaining valuable articles the IF totals 5.787. The periodics, as the only in Poland, is categorized in Q1 in biochemistry and molecular biology. I hope to and I encourage MUG’s employees to publish their articles in our newspaper.


Equally important success has been achieved by Prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski from the 1st Department of Cardiology, Editor-in-Chief (together with Prof. Juan Luis Gutierrez-Chico) of the Cardiology Journal. Its IF for 2020 according to Journal Citation Reports 2021 was 2.737, which is the best result in periodic’s history.

In the photo: Prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski; photo: Paweł Sudara/MUG

Cardiology Journal is classified on 82nd place out of 142 newspapers in cardiac and cardiovascular systems (3rd quartile) and noted growth in all important indicators, often reaching the best results in its history. Currently, it’s also the high score newspaper in the field of cardiology in Poland on the Ministry of Education and Sceince’s list – 100 points.

Prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski has become periodic’s editor in chief in 2016 and is being supported by the 1st Department of Cardiology of the MUG.

- I have been running Cardiology Journal since 4 years – says Prof. Jaguszewski. – By taking the position of Editor-in-Chief, I knew that lot of tasks are waiting for us, but I also worked together with very responsible people. I especially value the cooperation with Dr. Łukasz Stolarczyk, who has devoted himself entirely to this project. I can’t forget the whole editorial staff, editorial board and my co-editor. Thanks to them, sections’ editors, great authors and scientists evaluating our works we are on the right track to create the best newspaper in the field of cardiovascular diseases in this part of Europe.


Another major success is the result achieved by the Polish Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery (Neurologia i Neurochirurgia Polska) co-edited by Prof. Jarosław Sławek, Head of the Division of Neurological and Psychiatric Nursing of the Medical University of Gdańsk, and Prof. Zbigniew K. Wszołek from the Mayo Clinic (USA). The journal has doubled its Impact Factor within 3 years, which is now 1.621.

In the photo: Prof. Jarosław Sławek; photo: Karolina Misztal/Dziennik Bałtycki