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Summary of II Conference "Lung Ultrasound"


400 participants, including 72 scientists from 11 European countries, China and Canada, as well as 80 students of the Medical University of Gdańsk took part in II Conference Ultrasonografia Płuc (Lung Ultrasound). The event has been held online on 12th of June under honorary patronage of the MUG. Its organisers were Natalia Buda Ph.D. from the Department of Internal Medicine, Connective Tissue Diseases & Geriatrics of our University, Dr. Habil. Wojciech Kosiak from the Division of Paediatrics, Haemathology & Oncology of the UCC and Krystian Sporysz M.D., postgraduate in the Division of Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care and students Aleksandra Ramel and Łukasz Sein Anand, as well as Jakub Piotrowski M.D. Ph.D. (Olsztyn) and Jolanta Cylwik (Siedlce).


Screenshot from conference

Invited experts presented 80 Polish and English language lectures in total. They have been grouped in thematic sessions concerning usage of lung ultrasound in: pulmonology, cardiology, internal medicine, emergency medicine as well as anaesthesiology and intensive care. Topics related to use of this examination method in intervention diagnostics, paediatrics, neonatology, family medicine and veterinary medicine have also been taken into account. A separate room Students teach Students has been prepared for students wanting to learn more about point of care ultrasound. Special attention has been given to session concerning teaching students, physicians and paramedics about ultrasound. It was hosted by Dr. Habil. Wojciech Kosiak, Prof. Christoph Dietrich, Prof. Gebhard Mathis, Prof. Maija Radzina, Prof. Helmut Prosch, Prof. Paweł Andruszkiewicz and Martin Altersberger M.D. Ph.D.

More information is available at Conference materials are available until 30th of July at the same website.