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Scientist of the MUG in an international project on Biosimilars


Dr. Habil. Wioletta Mędrzycka-Dąbrowska
Dr. Habil. Wioletta Mędrzycka-Dąbrowska

Dr. Habil. Wioletta Mędrzycka-Dąbrowska Head of the Division of Anaesthesiology Nursing & Intensive Care of the MUG has been appointed to represent Poland in the Focus Group of European Specialist Nurses Organisations (ESNO) in the Biosimilars Nurses Guide version 2.0 project. Sabina Krupa Ph.D. from University of Rzeszów has also been invited to participate in the initiative.

The main task of the focus group is to update the European Medicines Agency (EMA) information guide on Biosimiliars for healthcare professionals, taking into account national experiences and providing examples from specific therapeutic groups (e.g. rheumatology, dermatology, oncology). For the first time, the ESNO research group in 2018 contributed to the creation of a guide for nurses on Biosimilars. The guide was published in 8 languages.

Publication of the update is scheduled at the end of 2022. The full text is available on the project website.