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Meet our Expert of the International Advisory Council of the MUG

Prof. Andrea Gallamini
Prof. Andrea Gallamini

Professor Andrea Gallamini will be the guest speaker of the second webinar in the Meet our Expert of the International Advisory Council of the MUG series, with a lecture entitled Imaging as a new paradigm to understand physiopathology and guide treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma. The event will take place on May 11, 2021 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. To participate in the webinar, please submit the registration form.

Professor Andrea Gallamini’s principal field of research interest is clinical management and functional imaging in Hodgkin lymphoma, and the clinical management of peripheral T-cell lymphoma. Prof. Gallamini is the author of the prognostic index for T cell lymphomas and was one of the first in the world to define the role of early PET/CT in assessing the response of Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients; was a co-developer of the Deauville Scale used in the evaluation of PET/CT studies in lymphoma, was and is the principal investigator of several key clinical trials in Hodkin’s lymphoma. He is among the top 15 most renowned Hodgkin lymphoma researchers in the world. For 13 years he has been cooperating with the Medical University of Gdańsk and Polish hematologists, for which he was honored with the medal of the Polish Society of Hematologists and Transfusionists. Currently, together with Prof. Jan Maciej Zaucha, he is the principal investigator of a non-commercial international clinical trial RAFTING, funded by the Medical Research Agencies, conducted in patients with early Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Professor Gallamini is Professor of Hematology at the Research and Innovation Department of the Antoine Lacassagne Oncology Center in Nice (France). Further more, he cooperates with the Post Graduation Schools of Hematology at the University of Turin (Italy) and the University of Cagliari (Italy). More information about Professor Gallamini can be found here.

The webinar will take place on the Clickmeeting platform. To participate in the event, please fill out the registration form.

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