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Changes in the Anatomy Department


By the decision of the MUG’s authorities prof. Janusz Moryś is no longer the head of the Anatomy Department and the Division of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the Medical University of Gdańsk – effective on 30th of March 2021. The decision to dismiss the professor from his post has been taken on account of statements said during the recorded meeting that took place in Collegium Medicum of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Bydgoszcz, as well as the necessity seen by the University’s authorities to implement quick changes in the Department.

Clarification of this situation and further decisive actions to be taken were recommended by the MUG’s Senate on the session dated 29th of March this year. Representatives of this collegial body – academic teachers, administration staff and students have considered this a priority, and have taken the proper resolution on this matter with almost full support.

After thorough analysis of accumulated documents, in cooperation with the Students’ Council and the employees of the Division of Anatomy and Neurobiology, the University’s authorities have taken numerous steps to improve the situation in the abovementioned department. Works on preparing some alterations at the faculty and university level that will facilitate better communication and quicker identification of future issues, have been initiated. Our objective is to establish and implement a new standard and model practices in building the student-lecturer relation, in other areas of the University’s operation as well.

All those steps are taken to ensure hospitable and proper atmosphere to study, work and self-improvement for all members of our academic community. It is also the crucial step to the University’s further growth and recognition.

Rector, Vice-rectors and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, MUG