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First such student at the MUG


Karol Steckiewicz
Karol Steckiewicz

Karol Steckiewicz, 6th year medicine student of the Medical University of Gdańsk, as the first person in our University and third in Poland obtained a doctoral degree before graduation. He defended with distinction his doctoral dissertation Impact of modification of microparticles and nanoparticles on their cytotoxic activity and antibacterial properties in in vitro studies which supervisor was Prof. Iwona Inkielewicz–Stępniak, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Patophysiology.

- I always wanted to be a scientist and I wrote my first research article in high school. It was fascinating for me, how you can put a global problem into the laboratory and describe it in detail. That’s why since my first year of studies I started realizing myself in this direction. I haven’t plan to become a doctor so quickly, it was rather an effect of my work: I’ve been publishing research papers, taking part in conferences, obtaining grants and doing abroad internships – says Karol Steckiewicz. – I’m lucky because science is my hobby. I enjoy spending time doing experiments or reading scientific publications. Especially satisfying is the moment, when I experimentally manage to confirm the hypothesis or solve a scientific problem. It’s hard to compare this feeling to anything else. I don’t have a lot of free time, so I’m trying to devote it to my closest ones.

In contrast to other people who defended their doctoral thesis during studies, Karol Steckiewicz obtained his scientific degree due to the substantial scientific output, and not due to victory in Diamentowy Grant (Diamond Grant) contest. In the video with English subtitles you can see how did he do it and what he is passionate about.

Avatar prof. Radosław Owczuk

Dean of Faculty of Medicine

- Karol Steckiewicz is the first doctor at the Medical University of Gdańsk, who obtained this scientific degree before graduation and third such person in Poland. It is not only his success, but also the whole University. We are glad that we can educate such talented students. Their successes are also the proof of the high level of didactics at the MUG. I congratulate him this achievement and I am pleased that he decided to stay at our University, where he will continue his research and clinical work, as well as properly represent the MUG at various events.

In scientst’s work the curiosity and desire to gain the knowledge are crucial, as well as ability to describe results of research and finding a practical usage for them. That is what defines a good researcher. I am sure that Karol Steckiewicz aspires to that. Both such a quick gaining of doctorate and his attitude through the whole studies prove that the Faculty of Medicine of our University is doing a really good work and gives students not only the medical knowledge, but also the proper patterns of attitude, like diligence, perseverance and willingness to learn about the surrounding world. I am convinced that Karol Steckiewicz’s success will be an example for other – present and future – students, who will decide to connect with the Medical University of Gdańsk.