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Current information on the reported improprieties in the education process


The MUG’s authorities with justified concern address the words uttered during the meeting at the Collegium Medicum of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in which Prof. Janusz Moryś participated. Opinions mentioned there regarding the teaching process in medical studies during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic may have raised doubts among the public opinion and members of our community on how objective the process of verifying the learning outcomes achieved by the students.

We understand and share the students’ feelings evoked by the recording. We have listened to those words with great astonishment. In our opinion, it raises serious doubts with regard to ethical standards of the MUG’s employees. The latest media coverage is also a concern for us. With full responsibility, we would like to declare that each case mentioned by the media shall be analysed thoroughly – in the scope of described events and the relations between the academic staff and the students. We would like to emphasise that we have taken numerous steps to analyse and explain these events with full transparency.

Explanatory proceedings are undertaken

Pursuant to the provisions of the Higher Education and Science Act of Law the Rector requested the Disciplinary Ombudsperson for Academic Teachers at the Medical University of Gdańsk to initiate explanatory proceedings to establish whether Prof. Janusz Moryś’ behaviour constitutes a disciplinary demerit, namely offence below the dignity and duties of an academic teacher.

On March 5th Professor Janusz Moryś has resigned from the subject manager position of Gross Anatomy with Neuroscience until the disciplinary proceedings are completed. Rector Prof. Marcin Gruchała has nominated Dr. Habil. Adam Kosiński, M.D., Head of the Division of Clinical Anatomy, to be the acting manager.

Regardless of the disciplinary proceedings, Rector Gruchała appointed a committee that will analyse the process of learning outcomes verification in Gross Anatomy with Neuroscience subject. The task of this committee is a profound analysis of the way of grading the learning outcomes that were achieved by the Polish speaking and English speaking students during the pandemic and in previous years. The committee consists of both academic teachers and students, ED students included. The president of the committee is Prof. Renata J. Ochocka – a former member of the Polish Accreditation Committee, employee of the Faculty of Pharmacy – a person who is not associated with the department responsible for the subject.

Proper explanation has been submitted both to the Minister of Education and Science and the Minister of Health. The MUG’s authorities are in direct contact with consuls, ambassadors and foreign recruiters who have facilitated our efforts to recruit the best international students for many years. On March 16th we have met the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Poland to further explain the situation. Apart from the University’s authorities, 1st year tutor of English Divsion studies dr Narcyz Knap was present in these talks.

We have initiated meetings and vast cooperation with students to solve this matter

The student voice has always been and is important to us. The University Student Government (USS) has taken its stance, proposed solutions and declared openness and willingness to solve this matter. The MUG’s Rector has accepted this stance with understanding and declared to explain this situation according to procedures applicable to academic teachers. Another meeting with the Student Government and the student body has taken place on March 18th. Talks with the students’ representatives of the 1st year, academic staff and deans, will take place as well to work out current solutions to improve the way of conducting the course and test students’ knowledge of Gross Anatomy with Neuroscience. All those steps are taken to work out the best possible solutions via partnership and open dialogue that will benefit all our community.

Quality of teaching and knowledge verification

It is the University’s responsibility to verify whether the students show proper competence that enables them to conduct their duties responsibly and professionally. It is crucial that the verification of the learning outcomes is done objectively and honestly.

With regard to the merit of the recordings and comments we would like to point out that no Moryś fund exists. We categorically deny that there is a system where the University determines proportion of students to fail examinations. Fees collected for repetition repetitions are established in the Law on Higher Education and Science from 20th July 2018 (art. 79 and 80) that pertains to all universities in Poland. Financial means received that way are used to cover the costs of conducting repeated classes. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the fees for year repetitions constitute 1% of the MUG’s revenue.

Each of us share the concern on the quality of teaching and the system of students’ knowledge verification, in the circumstances of on-line teaching as well. From this undoubtedly unpleasant and difficult event we would like to reach proper conclusions and implement changes for the improvement of our University. We do count on further cooperation and in-depth reflection to make the MUG a better place, friendly towards all members of our academic community.

Rector and Vice-Rectors of the Medical University of Gdańsk