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Agreement for the development on an e-health model and pharmaceutical services


The Medical University of Gdańsk together with Gdańsk University of Technology and Gemini Polska are starting activities for the prevention and promotion of health, using modern technologies in e-health, as well as providing employees, students, and doctoral students with tools and knowledge useful in creating and implementing innovative technological solutions in the field of pharmaceutical care. The objective of the tripartite agreement is to conduct joint research and development projects, which – thanks to the use of modern technologies – will contribute to the improvement of the health of people. The intention letter was signed on March 4 this year, by Prof. Michał Markuszewski – Vice-Rector for Science (MUG), Prof. Janusz Nieznański -Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Innovation (GUT) and from Gemini Polska – Artur Łakomiec, President of the Management Board and Artur Sznek, Member of the Management Board.


The first pilot project will support patients starting a new drug for hypertension. Gemini Polska pharmacists together with experts from the Medical University of Gdańsk will develop a standard of conduct that can be implemented as part of pharmaceutical care.

-The need to develop quality standards for pharmaceutical services is particularly major today. In times of difficult access to clinics and doctors, pharmacists can help in providing patients with professional care and the necessary substantive support. As a research university, we have the potential and experience in this field – says Prof. Michał Markuszewski, Vice-Rector for Science of the MUG.


Scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology will be involved in the preparation of proposals for IT solutions supporting this process.

-Healthcare needs tools which, on the one hand, ensure the security of the processed data, and on the other hand, increase the degree of integration of individual aspects of care. New technologies can and should support healthcare in the field of obtaining, collecting and analyzing data using artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, etc. As part of our partnership with the Medical University of Gdańsk and Gemini Polska, we will search for the best technological solutions. We assume broad participation of research workers and students in this proces – comments Prof. Janusz Nieznański, Vice-Rector for Internationalization and Innovation of GUT.

Further joint ventures will be related to the development of technologies supporting patient care and increasing the security of data processing and limiting the negative effects of drug abuse (polypragmasy) or drug conflicts. The initiators of the project also want to focus on rebuilding the health of people after the pandemic, in particular the group of people over 40 and patients suffering from chronic diseases.


-Focus on the patient and his needs is part of the mission of Gemini Polska. That is why we engage in projects that allow us to develop the health care system. New technologies, in turn, are the right move towards the future – says Artur Łakomiec, President of the Management Board of Gemini Polska.

-Pharmacists are a professional group which, on the basis of complementarity, with doctors and other medical professionals, should participate in caring for patients. It is essential to develop smart, functional and safe digital tools. I believe that our cooperation with excellent specialists and experts from the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk is a step in this direction – adds Artur Sznek, Member of the Management Board of Gemini Polska.

Photos Paweł Sudara/MUG