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The invention of MUG scientists with a patent


Research Team
Research Team

Scientists from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Gdańsk obtained exclusive rights to the invention Dye for fluorescent staining of stratum corneum, manner of its synthesis and application in microscopy, including identification of routes of substances penetration to the skin and assessment of structural disorders of this layer.The decision to grant them was issued by the European Patent Office (EPO). The patent for the MUG was granted with the number EP 3 578 559 A1.

The research was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Habil. Jarosław Sączewski Pharm.D., from the Department of Organic Chemistry and Dr. Habil. Krystyna Pieńkowska, Pharm.D., from the Department of Physical Chemistry. The co-authors of the invention are: Dominika Krenczkowska, MPharm., doctoral student of the Department of Physical Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Habil. Krzysztof Cal from the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Joanna Fedorowicz Pharm.D., from the Department of Chemical Technology of Drugs of the MUG.

The patented invention is a new fluorescent dye from the Safirinium-Q family – an organic chemical compound used to visualize biological samples, in particular the stratum corneum. It is intended for use in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. More information about the project can be found on the website.

The complete patent application in located below.