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The MUG is the most internationalized university in Pomeranian


The Medical University of Gdańsk is the most frequently chosen university by foreign students studying in Gdańsk. Long-standing trend is confirmed by latest report Studenci zagraniczni w Polsce 2020 (Foreign students in Poland 2020) prepared under the programme Study in Poland implemented by the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland and Educational Foundation Perspektywy (Perspectives).


There are 3 270 foreigners studying in Gdańsk who are coming from 44 countries. The most numerous group are students of the MUG, being over 30% of their total number. Our University therefore maintains a status of the most internationalized University in Pomeranian. The medicine is definitely a favourite field, studied by nearly 1 000 people in Gdańsk. It’s worth noting that in the whole country it was 2nd most often choosen field of studies among foreign students. 7 828 students has been studying it in which nearly 1 000 in our University. The MUG therefore has been placed on 2nd position amongst Polish academic schools educating in the field of medical sciences, only behind the Medical University of Lublin.

Authors of the report emhasise that the internationalization is one of main development trends of higher education around the world. Polish universities meet this expectations, endeavoring to educate as many foreign students as possible. As a result, the number of foreigners studying in Poland is constantly growing. Internationalization actions at the MUG are being carried out by the Department of Internationalization. Its most important tasks are i.e. organisation of international cooperation, suport of foreign students and establishing relationships with foreign alumni. About the importance of such initiatives speaks Head of the Department Ewa Kiszka.

Ewa Kiszka
Ewa Kiszka

The university directed to the world, with high level of internationalization is the one that creates for its members the abilities to gain international experience. For which the personal development of workers nad students, improving qualifications, their creativity and entrepreneurship as well as creating of favorable climate for international development is one of main goals.

Our University places particular emphasis on improvement of internationalization level and strengthening the image and recognisability around the world. Every actions concerning international cooperation and mobility are supported and encouraged. It is extremely important to develop fields of study open to candidates from all over the world, as well as to raise the language and cultural competences of the academic community, as well as to reorganize and adapt the university administration to support scientists.

We are very happy to maintain the status of the most internationalized university in Pomerania and one of the most internationalized in Poland. Thanks to the tremendous work of the Recruitment Department, fruitful cooperation of many other MUG units, as well as its surroundings, we currently have nearly 1,000 students from 65 countries, including over 10 people from 18 countries. This is 17% of the total. This cultural diversity requires us to undertake various activities that support and integrate our community. These activities are carried out by the Welcome Point established nearly two years ago and the International Alumni Relations Officer.