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About the adipose‐derived stromal cells for nonhealing wounds


A publication by scientists from the Medical University of Gdańsk has just been published in the Medicinal Research Reviews (IF=9.30; second place in the Chemistry/Medicinal category, according to Journal Citation Reports, 2019). The co-authors of the publication Adipose‐derived stromal cells for nonhealing wounds: Emerging opportunities and challenges are: Milena Deptuła Ph.D. Eng., Prof. Michał Pikuła Dr. Habil. and Aneta Skoniecka Ph.D. from the Department of Embryology, as well as Prof. Jacek Zieliński Dr. Habil. from the Department of Oncologic Surgery and Agnieszka Brzezicka M.D. from the Department of Plastic Surgery.

The publication is a review presenting the characteristics of adipose tissue stem cells and their possible use in the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds of various etiologies. At the same time, it is based on the authors’ previous research on the biology of stem cells and the treatment of chronic wounds.

Adipose tissue, removed during various types of surgical procedures, has been treated as medical waste for many years. Currently, it is known that this tissue is rich in stem cells, which can be isolated from clinical material and multiplied in the laboratory using appropriate techniques. A number of studies and clinical trials have proven their enormous pro-regenerative and immunoregulatory properties. Clinical research are also underway to use these cells in patients treated for COVID-19.

The publication was created as part of the currently implemented grants: NSC OPUS (leader: Prof. Michał Pikuła) and the NSC Miniatura (leader: Milena Deptuła Ph.D. Eng.). The publication of the article was supported by the Excellence Initiative – Research University program.

photos Paweł Sudara/MUG