Lecture Day


The 2020 Lecture Day at the Medical University of Gdańsk is already behind us. This unique celebration commemorated two important historical events. The last lecture delivered on 15th of December 1939 by Prof. Michał Reicher at the Stefan Batory University in in Vilnius, and the first lecture he addressed to students of the then Physician’s Academy in Gdańsk in 1945.

This year’s occasional lecture, or rather a story about the history of the University and its lecturers, has been presented by Marek Bukowski, M.D., Ph.D. from the MUG Museum.

The Lecture Day has been traditionally connected with the presentation of the Rector’s awards for outstanding scientific, educational and organisational achievements. Out of concern for the safety of the academic community, the University authorities decided to host the event in the form of an online broadcast. The tradition, which has been cultivated for years, was combined with modern technologies, so that everyone in front of their computer or phone screens cuold feel part of our academia. The internet form of Lecture Day has been prepared by Promotion Unit and Action Studio.

The Lecture Day is available to watch on the MUG Facebook page.

List of laureates of Rector’s award:

List of laureates of Rector's award (1.53 MB)

Time and place:


12:00 CET

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